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Van Campen Modified Rickenbacker Guitar


This Rickenbacker model is unlike any of the other 60's Beatlesque Jangly sounding Rickenbacker's !!!

In fact it sounds and plays great right off the shelf. This guitar is the only guitar under $1,000.00 I know of made from solid Walnut with a 24 fret double octave neck.

It also has a neck through body design.   It is available in chrome or gold hardware versions.

This guitar gets my vote as one of the best guitars on the market for the price. It has all the right components. The price is extremely low.  No other low cost American made guitar has a neck through body with 24 frets and a solid Walnut body.  The stock pickups are great. The "Black Backs" TM in the customized version are a little better but the stock pickups are better than most other stock pickups that come installed in Gibson Guitars for example.

The modifications on the guitar as performed above by Guitar Tech Jim Van Campen are all excellent improvements.  In my opinion the only one that is absolutely necessary is the slimming of the neck. The only real fault that the guitar has is the neck is too big.  As long as you need to slim the neck you might as well remove the stupid looking heel from hell, It protrudes way too far from the body. The Basic VC Mod includes, total heel removal, neck shaved thin and 1500 G neck modification.

Other Possible Mods for these Guitars:

Seymour Duncan any model including Black/Back Pickups $220.00 Installed

The Van Campen Modified Rickenbacker Guitar The stock model is in the middle (See the large heel)