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Ultratone Guitar Parts for Rickenbacker

UltraTone Solid Brass Bridge for 6 and 12 Strings


This is a photo from our old showroom in 2003
Rickenbacker's were actually available then

Attention all Rickenbacker owners. Ed Roman has the bridge that will eliminate the Rickenbacker intonation problems, and in the process, markedly improve the tone of the instrument, bringing that true Rickenbacker sound new-found resonance.

Installation is a snap, as no modification of the guitar is necessary.

The bridge is made of chromed solid brass and has delrin polytrinite saddles, firmly seated in place on their adjustment screws. The saddles are rock solid stable yet fully adjustable; there's no wiggle room allowed here. This saddle stability along with the solid brass construction of the bridge itself, improves the tone transference and very noticeably increases the passive volume of the guitar. Comes in 6 and 12 string flavors.

Piezo System

This saddle will soon be available with a piezo system. As soon as the images become available, we will post them here.

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