Turner Guitars vs. Gibson Les Paul Guitars

Turner Guitars vs. Gibson LP vs. Tiberius Neck Thru

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This Guitar Eats The Gibson Alive !!!!!!

See The New Tiberius Guitar For Even More Improvements


Gibson Les Paul Turner Model One  Roman Tiberius
Production Model Production Made Hand Made
Set Neck Set Neck NECK THRU BODY
One Piece Neck 5 Piece Neck Optional 5 Piece Neck Optional
Traditional Flat Back, Archtop Complex Curve Body Complex Curve Body
22 Frets Scale & Pickup   24 Frets Scale & Pickup   24 Frets
Plastic Nut Bone Nut Delrin Polytrinate Oil Impregnated
Large Heel Smaller Heel & Higher Reach Even Smaller Heel & Even Higher Reach
Spring Loaded Pickups Rotator Pickup Hard Mounted Several Options
Passive Electronics Active Electronics 18 Volt Active Electronics 18 Volt
Stock Gibson Pickups Stock Turner Rotatron  
No Preamp On board custom Preamp 18 Volts On board custom Preamp 18 Volts
Kluson Tuners Imported Planet Waves Custom Tuners GoMag Adjustable Height Locking Tuners
Maple Top Mahogany Body Mahogany Body (Some Tops Available Your Choice of 44 Different Woods
Tune-A-matic Bridge Roll-A-Matic Bridge Tone Pros Bridge Direct Coupled
No Piezo System Optional Custom Roman 3rd Gen system
Non Tremolo Non Tremolo Optional
Mahogany Neck Mahogany Maple Neck 5 Piece Neck (Wood Choices)
Fingerboard Rosewood Fingerboard Rosewood Fingerboard Ebony, Maple Exotics
Plastic Pickguard No Pickguard Choice
Body Binding Optional Optional
Neck Binding Optional Optional
No Headstock Binding Optional Optional 
No Volute   (This Will Break)   8 Ply Headstock Lam (won't break)  
Plastic Inlays Dots Only Optional Inlays
Limited Color Options   Unlimited Color Options
1 Neck Profile 1 Neck Profile Custom Neck Profile
1 Size Frets 1 Size Frets Your Choice Any Size Frets 
Not Available Not Available Stainless Steel Frets
Not Available Not Available Gold Titanium Alloy Frets
Nickel Silver Alloy Frets   Nickel Silver Alloy Frets


Making A Better Version Of The Turner Guitar Would Be Very Hard To Do.
Which Was Ed Roman's Goal

1, You would have to eliminate the heel completely and make and make it a neck thru body.
2, You would have to figure a way to hard-mount (Direct Couple) the pickup.
3, I believe two hard-mounted splittable pickups would be an improvement over a single spring loaded one.
4, The Rollamatic Bridge is not as Stable as a Tone Pros Tune A Matic bridge.
5, Thinning it down would be experimental because we don't want to take any chances on losing tone.
6, Normally I say that Nitrocellulose on an electric is probably unnecessary. But on this guitar Nitrocellulose or an oil finish would probably be only a small improvement.