Super Stable Guitar Necks

Neck Stability Is Our Prime Directive On Ed Roman Guitars
A guitar with a stable neck joint will sound, play & feel better.

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Sounds Better

A stabilized neck means that you are getting wood to wood contact all around at the base of the neck. A neck that has wood to wood contact is certainly going to sound much better than any glued in neck. The glue acts as a dampener and causes a noticeable loss of clarity in the upper mids and highs. Read the article on Direct Neck Coupling and you will appreciate this fact a little more.    (Never Buy Set Neck Guitars)

Plays & Feels Better

A totally stable neck will feel much better in your hand because the tightness of the neck joint will transfer stability directly to your hand. You will simply feel more confident in playing it. You also get the extra added bonus of better intonation stability. The tuning will be closer.

Stability in neck construction is dependant on how the builder affixes the neck to the body.

For example pick up a Fender, any Fender, whether it be a custom shop or an American Standard. Now that you are holding it in your hands give the neck a little pull either up or down. Listen for any creaking. If you hear creaking that means the neck is not 100% stable in the neck pocket.

There are cures for this problem. At Ed Roman guitars we think that this problem should never occur in the first place. (Even though it often does on many brands)

We construct our necks on all of our own designs to be super tight in the neck slot so that there will be no creaking.

Pictured Above is The Claw Bass which Boasts Neck-Thru-Body Construction (Super Stable Neck)


Wood stabilization.... is it necessary?

Absolutely. Ed Roman's Custom Shop treats all raw woods with a special stabilization & wood preservation process to withstand climate changes. Ed Roman's stabilization process reduces shrinking of the wood in dry areas and it reduces swelling in humid areas. Building a guitar in Connecticut, as we used to do is quite different than building a Guitar in Las Vegas. As such, our Guitars can be shipped all over the world with the same stability and consistency in each area. Some guitar makers do not take such precautions.

We have seen many guitars built in drier areas become stressed out when the end user resides in New York. In the case of Acoustic guitars I only recommend instruments that are built in the Pacific Northwest. I have seen guitars built in Southern California behave much like lower cost Mexican made guitars. For example, Taylor guitars in El Cajon California has had many years of problems relating to finish cracks, top cracks and other problematic issues. In fact I had more problems with the Taylor guitars than I was prepared to deal with when I had my Connecticut location.

The wood should be treated early on so as to allow it to dry. We dip each piece for about 120 seconds or so, which allows it to penetrate deep to the grain.  We also use only quartersawn wood for our 1500 G necks.

Dipping the neck in heated oil, is another one of our little tricks for facilitating deeper penetration into the grain.


Perform A Simple Test

Take a guitar pick, a thin one and see if you can wedge it between the neck & the body of your guitar.
If you can, your guitar needs immediate adjustment, or you will suffer instability, loss of sustain & crappy tone.

You Can Buy  Ed Roman Necks at this link