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The PRS Heels From Hell !!!!


PRS Goes To A Flanged Heel 2007
it looks like they are trying to camouflage the original Heel from Hell
In my opinion they made it worse.  The old way it could be fixed
This way makes it super costly to fix.  It almost seems like they did this on purpose so you could not fix it !!

I have been busting on PRS for close to 15 years when they came out with the original Heel From Hell, This time they really screwed the pooch.  I have been the target of much bashing because I have called attention to their original blunder. When I first exposed the original Heel From Hell I received 500 or more hate mails from PRS dealers, Investors & owners whose multiple guitar investments were in danger of losing their value because of my articles.

PRS built great guitars back in the 80's & early 90's probably the best guitars that were available then.

In 1993 they hired Ted McCarty from Gibson and then they proceeded to ruin all the original great designs. True they gained a lot of sales because McCarty legitimatized the line in the eyes of the name brand seeking uninformed Gibson type consumer.
By 1995 they were in full mass production competing with Fender & Gibson, They ignored their original boutique custom guitar roots and went after the big box stores like Guitar Center, Sam Ash etc etc.

I never did understand why they went from Paul's original superior designs to McCarty's old fuddy dud Gibson designs. They went for a 22 fret model with pickups physically placed in the wrong place. The quality of the guitar has always been good but the new designs have gotten deplorable.

This heinous abortion on the orange guitar above literally makes me want to vomit. They actually made it so you could not fix it.  Well,  Yes, maybe you can fix it, but it will now be more costly to do so. This will discourage people from repairing it. Could this have been the plan??  Is this why they destroyed their in body superior design. This is incredulous and I still cannot believe they actually did this !!!!!

Below on the blue guitar is their original blunder, We could fix those for less than $100.00 !!!!   We probably fixed more than 2000 of them in the last 16 years.

I hate to think this, but it seems to me that they must have sat down around a meeting table and planned this on purpose. They went back 30 years in design so that people could not modify their guitar to make it play better.

As long as I am pointing at this, I must call your attention to the other problem here. The neck does not go through the guitar. It is simply glued in the mortise in front of the neck pickup. The glue stops most of the high end from reaching the pickups. Glue is a dampener and the worst place on the guitar to use it would be between the neck and the body. 

On the old Heel from Hell They were GLUED IN necks
On the new Heel from Hell They are GLUED ON necks

For More Information On Neck Joint Design  Click Here

I guess now I should be expecting a fresh dose of Hate Mail !!!!
In days of old when someone delivered bad news they killed him !!!!
Please Don't Kill The Messenger !!
Ed Roman August 2009 

Original Heel From Hell, Really Long Heel But No Flange

Look At That Monster Heel Behind The Neck
Look At The Wraparound Bridge With Zero Adjustment


PRS              QUICKSILVER                  PRS
Large Heel                      No Heel                             Large Heel
These guitars have no protruding flange. These guitars

Quicksilver                        PRS                  Quicksilver

  (Look At Heel)

Job started out with stock 1999 PRS Hollow Body 10 Top.

The customer did not like the heel profile or the thickness of the neck. 
He contracted me to do the reduction surgery. It is rare that someone will buy a brand new $4,500.00 (Very Overpriced) Guitar only to have someone do major surgery on it immediately. 

We contacted PRS to try to get some information on just how deep we could cut before we struck truss rod. 
They weren't very helpful so we had to proceed into this job very very carefully.

Currently I do this job on the PRS CE Models at least 10 times a month and the custom models about twice a month.  There has never been a single problem with one of these jobs to date.


This photo taken after the stock neck was stripped & carved down

I had a little trouble getting an exact match
but we got the color exactly right.

 Reshaping the large bulky "Heel From Hell"
We took off almost 3 inches on this one

Other dings go away in the process at no charge
The customer also wanted the neck shape changed

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Custom Made Truss Rod Cover

The Perfect Finishing Touch for your Guitar
$50.00  We Can Make One For Any Guitar  !!!!

PRS Heel Conversions

PRS with Absolutely No Heel
Or Convert to the Old Heel (Your Choice)
Includes satinizing & reworking the entire neck



We have done this job 1200 or more times and we have never had a problem or a complaint
Not a single complaint !!!!!!!!!
We can do the job as pictured above
Total Heel Removal !!!!
Or we can do a return to original stock size short heel as pictured below

Newer PRS Design 1995 2007                           Original PRS Design 1985 1995

Worst Design I Have Ever Seen In My Life PRS 2007 
Ed Roman