Bent Tops Exposed

A bent top guitar is a guitar that has a totally artificial veneered archtop. 

It is yet another way for the bigger mega corporations to bilk more money out of uneducated consumers. Guitars with bent tops should be avoided if possible. Of course large corporations should also be avoided and there would be no need to look for these type of scams.

The picture of the Brian Moore Guitar below appears to be an archtop, but if you look at the picture above it's plain to see the radius bent top. The wood around the top edge is fake, The top is actually paper thin.

Brian Moore Guitars,  Avoid Bent Tops,  Ed Roman Guitars

This Brian Moore is an example of a bent top guitar,
It appears to be an archtop when you look at it quickly.
But be assured it is not an archtop. Its only a veneer illusion !!!

Avoid This Type Of Construction Like The Plague

Quicksilver Arch Top                                  Abstract  Flat Back Double Cut Guitar
3/4" Top no Veneer Here

1/2' Back not a paper thin veneer

A Carved Top is usually a thick piece of wood that is carved into an arch. 
 It will always sound much better than a bent veneer top.

This one has 3/4 inch top and 1/2 inch back  with Mahogany core

Quicksilver Guitars Are All Solid Wood True Archtops.



Blue Quilted Quicksilver Built For Scott Chapin Of Detroit

Side View Of A Flat Top Bass That Has Been Laminated 3 Times
This Type Of Construction Is Called A Hippie Sandwich