Loose Guitar Strings

Loose Guitar Strings

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Occasionally I will have to purchase a guitar from another dealer, usually when it arrives the strings will all be loose.  I HATE THAT !!!!!!!!


Did you ever get a guitar shipped to you with all the strings loose?  It really ticks me off when that happens. The dealer will usually try to tell you it's because he did not want to put tension on the neck during shipping.

I'll Tell You The Real Reason!!

The real reason is,  most of these guys don't want to bother going to the trouble of setting up the guitar. They either don't know how to do it, or they know the guitar plays crappy,  so they purposely don't do it.

Here at Ed Roman guitars we do a full setup on every guitar we ship. (Average Value $75.00)  My shop does a complete setup and adjusts the action. The frets are all ground and polished and the fingerboard is freshly oiled.  furthermore all the electronics are checked and the bridge or tremolo is fully adjusted.

It's usually the smaller vintage dealers who are the real culprits. Most of these idiots are dumpster diving eBay maggots and many of them don't even play guitar.

Many of these guys are pawnshops and other assorted small time trunk gypsy dealers trying to get rid of guitars they wouldn't ordinarily want to sell to a local customer. They usually deal in baseball cards, golf clubs.   jewelry, power tools and computers and anything else they can pick up at a tag sale.

When and if you buy a guitar from any of these guys,  Just be sure you insist that they don't loosen the strings before they ship it to you !!!!!

This way when you are not satisfied with the guitar they can't use the old excuse "it was perfect before we loosened the strings"


Here's Another Reason
If you have to go out and get the guitar professionally set up before you can tell if you like it.

You will have to spend money to get it set up and once you spend money on the guitar it may be the deciding factor not to return it.

The guitar cost you 600.00  the shipping was 50.00 and then you spent another 75.00 to get the guitar straightened out.  You might figure, I might as well keep this even though it's not exactly for me.  I already spent 125.00 that I am not going to get back !!

Ed Roman always does a full setup before we ship a guitar unless the customer specifies he wants it in a factory sealed box.  Many Rickenbacker buyers will specify that.  Rickenbacker owners are the pickiest hard to please people in the industry.    With all the problems we were having with Rickenbacker We Decided no more Rickenbacker guitars for us..  Just the hard to find old ones and signature models.


Companies like Fender, PRS, JET, Turner, Dingwall, Alembic, Ibanez, Jackson, Gretsch, Larrivee, Rainsong, Guild  etc etc all ship their guitars to us in tune and set up. So don't take any BS from one of these buttheads that try to ship you something where the strings are all loose.  !!!

In fact refer them to this article...

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