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Investment Guitars are guitars that you can buy for a low price and sell for a higher price.

If you need expert advice buying or selling investment grade guitars
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Never buy guitars where the collector cache value is packaged in at the purchase price.
It is extremely rare that one of those will go up in value.
In fact the manufacturer is gouging you and reaping the reward when you buy it.
You will probably never be able to get your money back.

Do Not Buy With Your Emotions !!!!
Use Your Brain!!!!


For example, lets say you bought a Gibson Eric Clapton 335 in 2006,  The Gibson factory gouged you an extra $6,000.00 more in cache value than you should have had to pay for a plywood guitar that it actually is.

Then "Guitar Center" the only place you could actually buy one from,  gouged you an additional $9,000.00 or more at purchase time.  They had it exclusively so people could not go anywhere else and buy it. They sold out quickly and today they are worth much less than they sold for.   Of course you also  had to pay the tax almost $1,800.00 in most states.  A smart buyer would have at least bought it mailorder, and saved the tax. They could not because Guitar Center is in every state therefore they have to charge taxes when they ship.

You have now paid $17,000.00 plus for a guitar that is overpriced at the normal $2,300.00 it usually sells for.

You will never make your money back !! 

The guitar itself is definitely nothing special. You could have bought a guitar carved from a real piece of wood for less than 1/4 of what you paid. You could have gotten beautiful inlays, Ebony fingerboard, multiple binding, high quality pickups and an ebony bridge or finger tailpiece.

If you were one of the people who bought that $25,000.00 Eddie Van Halen Charvel, or the Jimmy Page Gibson Doubleneck. You will likely never make your money back. If you wait 20 years you may make a small profit but consider inflation. The stock market over twenty years would have quintupled your same investment.

If you already have bought one, I submit to you that you have more money than brains.  Those are both horrible investments. People will hate me for saying this, The Jimmy Page fans and the people who bought them will really be upset with my comments. This is why I get flamed on the Les Paul forum.

Please Remember I'm Just The Messenger

I'm sorry but I call them as I see them!!!!



A good investment would have been a cheap Hohner Prince model guitar made in the 90's for about $450.00. Today you can sell those for $3,500.00.  If you bought a cheap Washburn Ace Frehley model back in the 80's you could sell it for 10 times as much.  My point being,  overpriced guitars are not good investments.    

(Please Do Not Mix Up Expensive & Overpriced)
Guitars like D'Angelico New Yorkers Are easily bringing 15 times what  they went for new and they were expensive but the were not overpriced.



Lots and lots of people made lots and lots of money on PRS guitars during the mid 90's. I was one of those people. Today they are worth much less than they were then. You have to remember that PRS went into mass production in 1995. During their factory move & changeover to high production there was a real shortage of PRS guitars.
Naturally everyone always wants what they can't get. 
Therefore people were selling PRS guitars for triple what they were worth just because people thought they couldn't get one. PRS Dragon 1's got as high as $45,000.00 my cost $4,900.00. I sold both of them at incredible money. I sold a set of Dragons 1, 2, & 3 for almost $80,000.00 !!! Today I would be lucky to get $20,000.00 for them.

Who knew, I certainly didn't, People eventually found out the Dragons were all done by computer and were incredibly overpriced  to start.  People realized the Dragon was nothing more than a $1,700.00 PRS Custom 22 which in my opinion was one of the worst guitars they ever made.

PRS donated a Dragon to the Smithsonian and to MOMA the Museum Of Modern Art.  This was the catalyst that caused the whole investment guitar craze.

Good PRS Investments  Any 1985, 1986 or 1987 PRS that you bought back then.  It's too late now, the prices have escalated and that makes them a bad investment. If you want one by all means buy one. Just don't think of it as an investment.

Any 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 PRS CE24 model.  Probably the best & most versatile PRS ever made. Plus they don't cost much more than $2,500.00 which makes it a good investment.

Any 1989, 1990, 1991  PRS Signature model  (PRS's first limited edition and definitely the best set neck model they ever made.

Any PRS Artist 1  Very few made, they are exactly like the signatures, except they used gold hardware and came with a leather case.  I have a whole bunch of original PRS parts and cases available for restoration of these guitars.

Any PRS Signature Ltd Edition,  Most of them were redwood, very few were maple. Just make sure you get one with the Tune O matic bridge. There were some tremolo models stay away from those. This is the only PRS ever to come with a Tune A Matic Bridge.  (Far superior to the stock PRS bridges)  I once had a PRS employee made guitar that was a CE model with a Tune A Matic bridge, like a jerk I let it go.  What a guitar that was !!!!!


Bad Bad PRS Investments

It's a proven fact that 22 fret models do not bring the dollars that the 24 fret ones do. In fact I won't buy any 22 fret model unless it's a trade in that I can get pretty cheap.

Artist 2 Model
Artist 3 Model
Artist 4 Model
10th Anniversary
Dragon 1
Dragon 2
Dragon 3
McCarty Any Solid Body Model
Most Private Stock Guitars,
There might be a few exceptions here, I have seen several very cool ones.
Singlecut All Models I Have Seen
Most Santana Models
unless you can pick one up dirt cheap like the one I am dumping !!
Modern Eagle


More to come, time does not permit me to finish,  but I will get back to this !!!


MORE Coming Soon

Ryan to me
show details Aug 31 (1 day ago) Reply

Hey Ed

 I was recently on a Les Paul forum and I noticed this hateful assed post about "why does Ed Roman hate Les Pauls?"...I hate Les Pauls too.. matter of review of a Les Paul could be summed up in two words: "shit sandwich"...anyway...they go on and on about how terrible of a human being you are but not one.. I repeat NOT ONE could respond, or even bring up, the facts you state about Les Paul necks, headstock angle, cheap wood, foreign construction that claims to be from the U.S.  You've deprogrammed me...and seeing these people bitch and bitch about you and they like Les Pauls "just because" and "they rock" and "Ace Frehley plays them" isn't good enough in my book...  I come from Missouri.. the show me state..&  I've been shown your guitars.. I've been in your shop...and I've also seen Les Paul's..  played them..

Hell my father has an original 52 without a serial number he bought at a pawn shop in 1964 that's been sitting in a case and sees the light of day once every 5 years when he gets it out..  Its a 50 something year old piece of shit...oh it gets a tone, sure...but hey if I eat at a Mexican restaurant my asshole will produce a tone too.. big deal !!

peace on the hill brother!!!

Thanks for your kind letter and your support,  I appreciate it.    People are people!!!
Forgive them father for they know not what they are talking about. Ha Ha 
What were you doing on that stupid forum anyway ???
The forums are great because they send many people to my site, The people with any money are usually smart enough to see through the BS & I end up with a new customer.
The bottom line is they get many people to my site and once they are there they see hundreds of things that are not available anywhere else.

I get lots of people telling me they came to my site looking for negativity and ended up as a happy customer.

Thanks Again