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Only Trust Harmony Central If You Trust Guitar Center.

After all they do own it !!!

Harmony Central Is A Review Site On The Internet !!!! 

They also sell advertising..   (Do I have to say more)

They approached me back in 1996 to advertise with them and I did not !!!  (This was before Guitar Center bought them)

They have never been kind to me since then. I had to submit my brand names 6 or 7 times before they would list me in their manufacturers list.

I have also resisted magazine advertising, I rarely advertise anywhere, it just raises my cost of doing business. I rely on word of mouth and my own web site. To get good magazine reviews one must advertise steadily.  During the time I worked at Gibson, there was no advertising budget at all, 
Today they spend more money on advertising than anything else !!!!!

When I worked at Gibson 1990 1991 , the magazines ignored Gibson and gave PRS all the great reviews. Of course PRS was advertising full pages during that period of time.  Read More On Magazine Advertising

PRS Got a very strong toehold in the industry because the magazines had to write about something.. Back then PRS guitars were the best thing you could buy.

I guess Gibson learned their lesson!!!!

Today Gibson spends millions & millions of dollars on advertising, product placement, artist endorsements. Literature & Brochures, Sponsorships, Videos and countless other ways to brainwash the public.

I don't think any other company in the industry spends as much on publicity.

Anyway enough on Gibson,  Back To Harmony Central

Customers have reported to me over and over again that they have sent in glowing reviews on our guitars, But they rarely appear on the Harmony Central Site.   Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Harmony Central is owned by Musicians Friend !  
Which of course is owned by Guitar Center !
Which is owned by a mega corporation that also owns "Toys R Us."

So, can we trust anything written on there ????

The Internet Is Great But Remember It Is A Double Edged Sword