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Price Guarantee

Ed Roman's Price Guarantee is Fairly Simple:
I will beat any stocking authorized dealers price on any new production item.

Ed On Negotiation:

I will not be insulted if you try to negotiate or make a better deal. I realize that human nature is such that every one wants to get a good deal.  When a customer starts negotiating price, He is telling me that he is a serious buyer. Obviously I have to make money when I sell something how else could I pay the rent or make the payroll.

Customers should try to understand that I have a large investment of inventory. I have dedicated myself to being the most complete and up to date guitar store in the world. This also of course costs money.

The more we sell the less we have to charge. So if you like what this store is about, Tell your friends and support us by buying all your guitars here.  Currently my prices are low except on rare and oddball items but I will be able to go even lower if my volume increases.

Many companies have forbidden me from posting  my price guarantee on  pages that are associated directly with them. For example Taylor Guitars  told me that "I could not post my guaranteed lowest price on any of my Taylor Pages."   They even went so far as to get a court injunction from me listing even their list prices.

A consumer should be warned that some companies will print highly inflated prices to make the dealer look good when you are purchasing the product,  Dealers like this, so they tend to support companies who give them the high margins.  Mainstream brands almost always have inflated super high markups they need to do this to make the dealer profitable so he can pay his bills to them. The one big exception to that rule is Fender, They give everyone the same price and the markup is the Standard music markup 1/2 price to the dealer and the dealer usually gives 30% off list so effectively he makes 20%.  If you can't make 20% it simply doesn't pay to carry the product, I believe 20% is a fair markup for a mainstream pre sold product.

Some small boutique companies only allow the dealer 20 to 30%.  I remember back in the early 80's I was the second ever Mesa Boogie dealer.  They only allowed us 15% and we had to absorb the freight within that, leaving us a pitiful markup of only 9%.  New York & California unintelligent consumers actually pay that much tax on everything they buy. Unless they are smart enough to buy mailorder!!! Small boutique guitar manufacturers can barely make ends meet, They are so consumed in making their product better they usually end up making what a ditch digger makes on an hourly basis. Most of these people do it because they are truly passionate about guitars.  I can build an Abstract or a Quicksilver guitar and sell it for whatever it goes for or I could simply sell a Jackson or a PRS guitar which are both good guitars and I could easily make a bigger profit.

So remember, just because you don't see a price posted doesn't mean you shouldn't feel free to to use my guaranteed lowest price guarantee.

Some companies prevent us from even offering free freight.  These companies are trying to level the playing field for all their dealers. I agree with what they are trying to do.  If they didn't do that then no one would make any money.  Remember if no one makes money doing something, they just won't do it. 

For example....  What if everyone downloaded music from the internet,  and never bought the actual CD, Tape or Record.  In that case, all the record companies would cease to exist. The studio owners would all go out of business,  they could never afford to keep their doors open. The musicians would be limited to home recording, eventually no one would care if their records sold, and the entire industry would simply flush itself down the toilet.  Bye Bye music scene.  (Nobody Wins)

So try to remember, we need to make money so we can keep bringing you all these extra cool guitars that no one else will carry!!!

So don't beat us into the dirt too hard the next time you want to buy a guitar.

Limited Editions

I cannot guarantee to beat prices on limited editions.  In fact my prices on those may even be high  (but I usually have them when nobody else will).
I will beat any price that you are quoted.  I can and will keep my prices lower than the competition.  Except on limited editions and one of a kind guitars.

Tell Me If you get a better price, and tell me from who!!!!  Please don't feel embarrassed or funny about using this service. How else will I know if other dealers are cheaper.

Solid Colors & Standard Models

In the case of solid color models  or standard models like PRS, Parker,  Gretsch, Jackson, Gibson BC Rich, Rickenbacker, & most Major Brands etc. I will always guarantee to beat any price.

Unusually Fine Tops

Sometimes, when dealing with guitars like Centurion, PRS, Quicksilver, Gibson, JET,  & Gledura  there are situations where the figuring on the top is extra special. In a cases like these, I cannot always guarantee to beat a price.

Back Orders

Sometimes companies like Rickenbacker  and/or PRS get into 18 month backorder situations. When this happens I will not always guarantee to beat the price. However,  I still will guarantee to beat the price if you are willing to order the item.

Advice for Beginner Guitarists 

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