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Guitar Acquisition Syndrome

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JET # 100

Spectacular Purple Quilted Top
This picture does not do the guitar any justice

Colorful Parakeet Inlays

JET Serial # 100
Vintage Yellow Korina Back with Flamed Maple Neck
Currently I have #001 and #100 JET in my personal collection
Call me for a price Quote

At less than 6 Lbs this Ed Roman Bass is Light & Sweet..

Rockingbat Guitar

The Rocking-bat Guitar is probably the coolest of all the guitars Ed owns. 
 This guitar can be ordered as an Abstract or an LSR Headless

Quicksilver # 001

The Quicksilver Has been Ed's main player guitar for 4 or 5 years.
The one pictured here is the Guinea Pig Guitar.
Every time Ed tries some new widget this guitar is used to test it with.
Read all about the Quicksilver, it's awesome: Click Here

Today these Kramer Floyd Rose designed guitars can be ordered as an Abstract
Improvements Include  Bound Necks, Ebony Fretboards, Nicer Inlays,  Tremolo or Hard Tail
These are the two rarest of all Kramer Guitars.

They are the hardest to find Ed doesn't know anyone else who owns a pair of them.
They were designed by Floyd Rose. This pair came from Howard Leese of Heart.

15,000.00 for the pair
Sold To John T.

Ed used to make these guitars. In fact, He made hundreds of them over a 15 year period.  These are currently not being built because Eddie asked us not to interfere with Charvel. I have a list of people who bought them from me.  Several can be bought. I'll give you the names of these people please call for info.  We still sell this guitar in kit form. Contact Ed directly if you are interested.

 You will also like the J Frog Guitars if you like this one !!!!!

Mouradian Guitar
Very Rare, Very Different, Very Cool,

I am now building an Abstract Model that looks just like this

Rare Mouradian Bass

If You like This Bass You Gotta Check This Out

Chrysalis # 4

This may be the ultimate collector guitar of the year 2000.
It made the cover of Guitar Builder Magazine It also made cover of  Hammacher Schlemmer catalog.

These sold for about $6,000.00 in the Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog in 1998
   It comes apart and fits in a brief case.
 It goes together in tune in less than one minute.

Rickenbacker Pete Townshend
The Rarest Of All Rickenbacker Artist Series Guitars !!!

Ed might be the only person in the world to have amassed the complete artist collection.
John Lennon, Glenn Frey, Roger McGuinn, Pete Townshend,
Susannah Hoffs, Lemmy Kilmister, Carl Wilson, John Kay,
Chris Squire, Tom Petty,


Rickenbacker Carl Wilson
Collector Series

Ed likes this guitar far better than the Rickenbacker C Series 360, It sounds excellent and plays like a dream.

Ed's Personal Surfcaster
9ne of a kind color  No Factory Logo
Roman Medallion In Headstock


(Neck Through Body) JD Model

Ed makes it a practice to try and keep the first one of each series that is built. 
 It's getting harder & harder to do this because there are over 100 models now.
 The neck is the longest we have seen on any double octave guitar.
  I also offer this in a double neck model.
These JD model guitars were all built by Mike Shannon of Jackson Fame.
All the original Abstracts were constructed by ex-BC Rich and ex-Jackson employees. 
See the Abstract section of the site for all the history and the complete story.
This model is no longer available the new one is slightly different
 we have made some balancing improvements.


Veillette Citron Bass 1976 8 String

Veillette Singlecut Bass Highly Flamed Body

Squire Supersonic

(Made In Japan)




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