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Guitar Acquisition Syndrome

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This Old School  Neck Through Body Guitar has belonged to me for more than 33 years. Completely stock I never even changed the cheapo no name pickups. I always liked & appreciated finely made guitars but I didn't actually start collecting guitars till 1995.  This guitar was relatively inexpensive, but this guitar along with BC Rich  inspired the entire Abstract Guitar line. This exact body shape is available from Abstract Guitars as of 2007.

Here is one of my favorite Acquisitions 
A Matching set of BC Rich Maple Guitars

These three guitars are signed by Bernie Rico Sr just days before he passed away.  In fact they were still in production so I didn't receive them for several months later.

BC Rich were my first real high quality guitars that I owned so naturally I have had an affinity with them for close to 30 years. I owned lots of Fenders & Gibsons in the 60's and they were cool then.  I can honestly say I never loved or became attached to any one of them. It's a pity that these guitars are no longer available at the level of quality that Bernie Senior was committed to. If you are a forward thinker and you are not bound up in tradition like the vintage crowd is. I suggest you look at  Abstract Guitars. They come in over 150 body shapes.  And they are always available

Bond Guitar 

Not the prettiest guitar I own, perhaps maybe it's the most plain.  It's not even the coolest.  I own it because it is innovative and ahead of it's time. 

I admire innovators and even though this one was a failure. I feel that collecting this guitar is worth my while.

Mick Jagger bankrolled the company that made this guitar. His brother ran the company but it failed miserably.   The guitar was too sterile sounding.  It had LED indicators for volume controls and a unique molded fingerboard.  They spent over $150.000.00 in tooling to make the molded cases that came with the guitar.

Smart people will buy these types of guitars when they first come out.  They always increase in value even if they are crap !!!!   This guitar was actually a decent guitar.  The problem was that musicians are to usually just too stubborn to try anything new.

Custom Guitar ???

Ed constructed the entire thing except for the bridge which plainly says Steinberger on it. 

The pickups are custom wound Seymour Duncan Black/Backs TM. The neck & headpiece, Ed made in the shop. 

 The body was retopped in my shop and the inlaid binding was completely done in the shop. look at LSR Guitars   

JET Earlewood Serial #001
Built Approximately In 1996

This guitar is a very cool addition to my collection. it has many distinctive features that aren't available on many guitars.  The JET guitars took #1 position for guitar of the year in  2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, & 2007 Jeffery Earle T. and possibly Rick Turner are the most talented luthiers in the world today.

Dean Time Capsule Set
There were 50 made of each model
This set is the 50th set
Each one is signed by Dean and each one is #50 of 50 made

Leslie West Rocket Guitar #1
This guitar was designed as the Leslie West Rocket Guitar, originally the Westberger or Flyberger. 

Leslie has used a LSR Guitar for almost 9  years as of this writing.  Originally Leslie wanted the small version until he played the Edberger below. 


Edberger Serial #1

This customer came into my store one day in February of 2006. He dropped $60,000.00 on guitars in one fell swoop. But after 2 hours of picking out guitars he told me that he would not do the deal unless I sold him this. He paid me $6,000.00 for this which is more than double what one costs new but he had to have number 1 because Eddie had number 2.

This guitar was designed as a tribute to Eddie Van Halen, sort of a Steinberger meets Ernie Ball. When LSR released the guitar in 1997 it was called the Edberger.  Several years later, Gibson, the people who own the Steinberger name and legal trademarks objected to the name so currently it is called the LSR  EB-1

Ed has built about 50 a year, Eddie himself has serial number 002.  Ed built many  for Leslie West of Mountain and Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult. Leslie West told Ed that it was the finest guitar he ever played. Leslie doesn't hand out compliments too often.  So when he does Ed really take them to heart.

These guitars have appeared on Rick Derringers album Cover and Leslie West's Album Covers.

Abel Axe

This is a cool all-aluminum guitar. A good friend of Ed's found it in an LA Pawn Shop and picked it up for him.  Ed Generally would not buy a $100.00 Bill for $5.00 in a pawn shop. So this is the only guitar in his personal collection that came from a Pawn Shop.

 Kramer  Voyager Full Size

Currently Ed owns over 350 Kramers.  

Not all of them are in Ed's collection but he has one of almost every model.

This one is a great example of an extremely stable American made guitar.

The graphic on this guitar is supercool.  We have built several guitars exactly like this one except they are 24 fret neck through body construction with Ebony necks, full binding and beautiful inlays.     This Guitar is Available Today as an Abstract Voyeur     



 I have been collecting Explorer shaped guitars for 15 years or so. I like the way they look, I like the way they feel & most of all I like the way they balance, Currently I have about 22 in my collection, They are all pretty special.

Over the years I have had about 200 of them, I have sold off a few of them that I wish I hadn't most notably my Koa BC Rich that I got directly from Bernie Rico for $400.00 in 1995 (Dead center above).

I also had a super low serial number Jackson exact explorer (Not A Kelly) but it had a big stupid Washburn Wonderbar tremolo on it so I let it go.
My Favorites are my own custom models, My 1978 Dean, my dead mint 70's Ibanez & my 79 Moonstone.
My Hamer Explorer sounds real good but it's a bit big for me.  I think I will probably sell it next.
I used to collect pairs of Explorers and Vees but the Vees are not as comfortable for me and my collection was starting to require me to move to a bigger house so I sold off 90% of the Vees.

The 3 guitars to the right are 3 that I have built. I am building myself one like the black one but with a reverse headstock and no Floyd Rose. The red one is the larger body like the Hamer and the one on the left is the first one I ever built.

The funny story here is I built the one with the lightning bolts on it back in 1993 or so. I never sold it and it has been in my possession all these years. 10 years ago it popped up on Harmony Central with a really bad review on it. Obviously the review was totally false because I still had the guitar but it never ceases to amaze me to what length people will go to trash someone on the internet.

Ed Roman                                                       SEE TONS OF EXPLORERS CLICK HERE



See more Abstract guitars here.

Ed Roman Scroll Bass

Handbuilt right here

Monsters of Rock

Only 12 of these were made originally. The one in the picture has been signed by Eddie Van Halen twice.  The first signature faded.

In 1999  when I hand delivered his EB-1  guitar to him I brought this along and Eddie re-signed it for me. My shop manager and I spent about 35 minutes with Eddie alone in his dressing room. I played all of his guitars and talked shop with him for the whole time. 

How Cool is that!! 
No one in the world was cooler than us,  that night! 
We didn't take pictures because we could not afford any endorsement deals with Eddie.

The Rand Guitar
I have been called 150 times by serious buyers
The only reason I am keeping it is because I use it to compare with my own Caligula Model.

A very rare guitar made by a guy named Rand Havener.

Informed sources have told me that only 77 of these exist.

This guitar was the inspiration for the now discontinued  "Ed Roman Penetrator" model guitar and the Steinberger Mega Axe that Ed designed when he worked at Steinberger. There were only a few Penetrators made and very few Mega Axes made. The Steinberger Mega Axe had a headstock and the body looked like the Rand.  There was only 1 run done of them and they were all red. Ed will pay $10,000.00 for one if you find one.  The Headstock will say Steinberger Mega Axe  Made in USA. The backplate will be inscribed "Designed by Ed Roman 1991".

Today this guitar can be ordered as an Abstract Caligula
It's a much better guitar because it is truly a neck through
The thing about Rand that Ed didn't like was the fretboard is made from Pau Ferro
Pau Ferro is also known as Bolivian Rosewood or Morado
Ebony would have been much better.

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