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Ed Roman's Got G.A.S.
Guitar Acquisition Syndrome

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Ed's Personal Quicksilver # 007

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome

If you would like your personal collection on my website I would love to host it for free.  You need to prepare a page in the same approximate format as this one and I will post it for you free of charge.

Naturally I will post any collection at all as long as it's at least 6 guitars. I would prefer unique and interesting guitars more than vintage but vintage is also OK.

I'm especially interested in Hamer, Kramer, Dean, & BC Rich Collections & other high performance guitars.

Fender & Gibson are OK but they tend to get boring due to the fact that there are so many of the same guitars.

The Coolest Design On The Planet
Available Exclusively From Ed Roman Guitars


Ed's Personal Guitar Collection

Many of my customers have asked me about what kind of guitars I play. Currently I use my  Quicksilver  guitar when I need major tonal versatility. I am still using a headless LSR for a backup, I also have an old Kramer Voyager that I use when I need a Floyd Rose.  I have several Basses that I play also but I always seem to reach for the Headless LSR with the medium sized body.  I love the way it sounds and plays.

While these guitars & basses will cover me in almost any playing situation, they don't take care of my GAS. 

GAS is simply, "Guitar Acquisition Syndrome". 

I currently own about 30 guitars personally and I have decided to show some of them here on this page. Some of these guitars are expensive and some aren't.  Most of these guitars are cherished prized possessions which I have spent years looking for.  A few of them I have bought for long term investment reasons and many of them I am just emotionally attached to.

I also am constantly buying new guitars,  I always like something different and unusual.  If you have something that you think I might want.  Please contact me.

I never used to want Fenders, Till they came out with some pretty cool new models over the last couple of years.  I am looking for a set of Hellecasters and or Ventures models. I especially am looking for Japanese reissues from the 80's and 90's.

I still want nothing to do with Gibsons.. for my own collection,  Maybe an old 1961 SG custom 3 pickup model. I have been given a couple of Les Paul's over the years from grateful customers but frankly they are not my cup of tea.  They all distort because the midrange drops out.  Ace Frehley gave me a highly modified Les Paul but the pickups are still located in the original position.  That's the part I don't like !!!

Ed Roman

updated  03/05

Quicksilver #06719   "The Elephant Man"  (FrankenSilver)

This guitar was made from a whole bunch of factory seconds & blemished parts.  Dumpster divers "Go F#ck  Yourselves"  You won't find anything in my garbage, We never throw anything away.

It looks OK in the picture but the wood never cured correctly and the body is misshapen ridiculously !!

I would probably use this one a lot. I wouldn't be afraid to drop it down a flight of stairs !!!

This has been hanging around in my office for about 3 years now, surprisingly enough, I have had a lot of  people try very hard to buy it from me.

If I decide to keep it permanently I will change out the fingerboard to ebony, I can't stand Rosewood.




Serial #1 Carved Top Carved Back Hollow Body
This Guitar is almost weightless

One of the real prizes in Ed Roman's collection

This is the very first Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird, Billy Bo off the production line !!!!   Signed  "For Ed  # 1" & personally pinstriped by Billy F. Gibbons.  Ed Roman was the very first dealer to be shipped any Gretsch Billy Bo Guitars. This guitar still has the paper wrapped around the bridge and has been played only By Ed Roman & Billy Gibbons.


Pearlcaster Serial # 2

This is Ed's answer to that other traditional guitar that everyone played 20 years ago.  Ed rarely uses this but always tries to keep serial #1 for posterity.
We have probably built 200 of these as prototypes before we decided to start numbering them. Ed's Motto is "I wouldn't produce something unless I could make it better". If you want to see all the photos and details of why this guitar is better, just click on the link above for details.

I was talked out of this guitar by Dean Restum from Eric Burdon & the Animals on 12/12/03,  There isn't one thing I wouldn't do for those guys. Eric Burdon is probably one of my all time favorites.

Steinberger M Series Bass

This is the main bass Ed used for 5 years.  It is totally stock except for the LSR neck. The other bass Ed was using was a BC Rich Eagle that belonged to Allen Woody of the Allman Bros. 

No, The model does not come with the guitar!!!     Furthermore Ed is tired of all you  J'Beeps  asking if she does.

Currently Ed is using a Dingwall Fanned Fret Bass.  Ed says, "There is nothing else I have seen out there that I like as much."

The Afterburner is priced pretty low, the only problem is Sheldon Dingwall is a little behind in delivery. Ed Also uses a super lightweight Stretch Bass that he & Ron Blake designed.


Another one of Ed's Personal Quicksilvers

Flamed Maple Top with Natural Scraped Binding, Maple Graphite Composite Neck with Light Up LED's, Ebony Fretboard with Matching Ebony Headstock Overlay, Directly Coupled, Chrome Covered Seymour Duncan Black Backs, Tone Pros Bridge, Sperzel Locking Tuners.

This was a gift from Leslie West.

Leslie used this guitar for 12 years as his Main guitar. Leslie is one of Ed's favorite guitar players. 
Currently he is using an LSR WB-1 and an LSR EB-1  that Ed built him in 1998 and 1999.


The Ultimate Leslie West Guitar
Now Available From Our Fabulous Fakes Collection

The original one is currently owned by the Hard-Rock Cafe  and they are not selling it. Leslie used this guitar for most of the early albums.  It hung in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and it is valued at seventy thousand dollars RVC built this copy which turned out to be far better quality than the original Gibson guitar.  Of course Gibson sued RVC for infringement which is totally ridiculous because this is a generic shape that has been around for 60 or 70 years.

Call For Information

Matched Pairs

When these guitars first came out they were priced extremely low.  I think that musicians were afraid to buy them because the price was several thousand dollars cheaper than Gibson.  When I say several thousand dollars cheaper, I mean several thousand dollars EACH cheaper than Gibson.

These came out when Dean Zelinsky was still with the company.

Ed immediately bought a matched pair.  (Not for Sale)  Of course Dean discontinued manufacturing these guitars. 

There are several Flying Vee Models left in inventory. Price is very reasonable still.  The explorers have been sold out years ago.


Turner Lindsey Buckingham Model
 Major Price Reduction for 2008
Call Ed Roman Now  (702) 597-0147

Rick Turner has made less than 350 of these Lindsey Buckingham models in the last 25 years.  I sure am glad I bought one. Rick may cease production of these again. Currently these are available with many different options and possibilities. Please give me a call at the shop if you are interested in one.

Quicksilver MIDI Guitar

Every guitar salesman needs a guitar with a Midi system onboard
This is the perfect guitar for me.
Leslie West Used This Guitar Live in 1999 & 2000

Call for Best Price

Ed Roman's Personal Brian Moore Guitar Serial # 25.  The original Brian Moore Guitars were nothing like they are today !!   This one is made from solid Graphite with a Quilted Maple Top, This one is also signed by Brian Moore on the back.  It also uses the Original Wilkinson Convertible Tremolo, Today Ed Roman no longer recommends Wilkinson as a good tremolo. In fact I hate this tremolo.

The New Brian Moore Guitars are nothing compared to the first ones.  The original crew back in 1993 were mostly from Steinberger, those guys knew what a guitar was supposed to feel and play like.

Brian Moore is out of business now.  I have several very nice early ones available, please contact me directly  702.875.4552


This is my Hellfire Guitar


I owned The Jaros Trade-name for a period of about 4 years I sold the brand in 2005
because I simply couldn't keep up with orders. This is probably the nicest one we built during that time.
We offer this Guitar in a Blues Deluxe version today
Solid Body, Hollow Body, & Semi Hollow Body
We also offer this in an Abstract model with a neck thru body.

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