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Free Country

It's a Free Country !!!
Or is it?

In the USA we are supposedly guaranteed certain inalienable rights.  Simple things like  freedom of speech and freedom of expression, religion, opinions etc.

There are however many people who obviously disrespect this simple right. These people tend to love to be anonymous. The internet is a perfect hiding place for these people to anonymously slink around.  It's very easy to fake a user ID name or get a hotmail address and pretend to be someone who you really are not.

Off the net these people might  fall into the same crowd as abortion clinic radicals, religious zealots and who knows, might even wear white hoods so you can't tell who they are either.

For Example:

I am a self proclaimed opinionated person,  I  use my web site to say what I feel like saying.  I choose to do it openly, I call em' as I see em. Most of my customers know that I can be a bit over the top sometimes but I am quite passionate about what I do.

It is still my understanding that I am guaranteed some simple rights under our constitution and bill of rights.

You, the reader of course, have the right to your opinion as much as I have the right to mine.  If you disagree with my opinions, I have absolutely no problem, or If you think that I am wrong about something, I have no problem with that either. That makes for good healthy controversy & hopefully exchanges of positive ideas.

For some time I have voiced some negative opinions about certain brands of guitars.  In some cases I have actually seen the manufacturers respond positively to these comments and fix the problems.  In some cases I have seen absolutely no change at all.   (in one particular case I have seen it get worse)

The issue at hand however, and the main  reason I am writing this little commentary.
I want to call attention to the people who disagree vehemently with me but are afraid to challenge me. Some of these people whom I shall say are prone to lesser intellectual proclivities will actually call me names and impugn my honesty simply because they disagree with me.  (sticks & stones)

There is nothing I nor anyone else can do about this problem. It is basically an inbred problem with our brainwashed lemming culture.

For Example:

Sports fans from New York will get into a fist fight with sports fans from Boston over a game. I personally feel that is stupidity at the highest of all levels. 

Just as a fiercely loyal Harley Davidson rider would downgrade a person for riding a Kawasaki. I myself used to be one of those people, "then I grew up". I admit sometimes there is still a trace of it in me.  I am not proud of it, I think it makes me a lesser person for ever denigrating someone for the type of motorcycle he rides. 

It doesn't stop there, What about Organized Crime OOPS I mean Religion? More people have been needlessly murdered over Organized Religion than any other reason ever in the history of the world.  I personally  have had some excellent dealings with people of all races and religions, I think in 33 years my only bad experiences have been with several  bible thumping totally dishonest  wannabe Christians.  In each case these were ex druggie types who simply found another crutch. 

I used to think I was a fairly decent judge of character. Then I encountered one guy who I initially trusted, I gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business & referrals.  He presented himself to me as a God Fearing, God Loving, Sincere Individual. The emphasis was a little too much on God and Jesus, I trusted and liked him. His product turned out to be made by a third party, his promises to me were broken, and the prices fluctuated like the weather. He sure taught me a good lesson in insincerity.