Corporate Guitars

I Hate Corporate Guitars!!!

Corporate Guitars Rot Our Children's Minds & Helped Ruin Our Economy!!


Most corporate guitars are made in China, Korea & Indonesia, They are usually priced higher than they should be because this will make our under educated younger population assume the are American Made and that they are high quality.  Nothing could be further than the truth.

Q. Why Are They Ruining The Guitar Industry?

A. Because they dominate the sales and make it hard for the real guitar builders to sell their product. thus putting the real builders out of business and fortifying the foreign economy. 

Every time one of our small factories shuts down, that means more Americans out of work.  All the factories are in the orient so unless we want to move there and work for $4.00 a day and live on raw fish heads we won't be able to get a job except working at a Subway or Burger King.  Corporations like Walmart, Gibson, Guitar Center, Costco, Best Buy, and a host of other maggots.

It's too late for cameras, TV's, Electronics, Computers, Printing, Clothing, Appliances, Furniture, Motorcycles, Cars, Boats, building materials.  

Q, Who are these companies?

A, Ruthless, greedy, cigar smoking, suited businessmen who don't play guitar and could give a rat's ass if you do.

How Many People Know What  "Henry & The Suits"  Means.

 Even One More Unhappy Gibson Guy

Hello ed..;);)
   greetings from Norway..
been looking at your website for a few hours now and I am impressed, especially the rants section
as I have some bad experience myself with gibson guitars.
   first I owned a Les Paul studio that had several glips between the fretboard and neck, think they tried to paint over it or something, didn't work..;);)cost me 12000 kr.(1800 dollars) some 16 years ago ..a lot of money when you are 14..
now the reason for buying my Les Paul was of course slash of guns n roses, my hero..   (See Ghostbuilders,  Ed)
and your section on brand loyalty is also very interesting and very true, as I have been there myself, buying all of Gibsons B.S. about their "hand crafted" instruments.. I have found no such thing in my Gibsons..;);)
    my second guitar was an Explorer, brand new 2007 model, and the same damn thing was wrong with the
neck on this one as well. Only the glips was bigger, it looked like they hadn't even tried to fit the fretboard right.. it stood out a couple of millimeters from the neck all the way from 5.fret up to the 12.fret..
poor craftsmanship at best.. I mean even the cheapest of models from brands like Ibanez  etc. you will not find major flaws like this..
    how the hell can they go on making their crappy instr..??and people are still buying..??
I have now gotten rid of both my gibsons and be sure: there will never be one in my house again...ever!!!
I am now a proud owner of an Ibanez universe 7 string.. and it works and sounds better than I could ever imagine..
will not trade that one for any other guitar, the build is excellent and so far beyond gibson`s sad attempts..
   by the way.. any views up`s or down`s regarding Ibanez guitars..??just curious..;);)
oh and I have to mention the Les Paul slash signature model, here in Norway the list price is 65.000 kroner.
that should be about $9.500 !!!!!...what does Gibson do that can justify that kind of prices..??ghost build like you have mentioned..?? Slash probably gets his share I reckon..;);)
Well thats all from me, Use this if you can/want to on your website, be sure I will do my bit to convert people into thinking for and by themselves, not believing all the commercial stuff they read from major corps. like gibson..
     Hans E. Beddari


Thanks Hans for your letter,  

Who knows, Maybe it might convince some other 14 year old not to make the mistake that you and I both made when we were young.

Could be, it's useless to try and fight the corporate machine that is Gibson !!!!!  I get lot's of negativity slung at me because I choose to call it the way I see it...

Occasionally when someone tells me they didn't fall for the corporate BS,  I am elated,

Today in the USA most people are brainwashed and programmed before they are out of 3rd grade.  I guess we can thank the American Advertising Council for turning our country into a 3rd world. Of course all the wonderful American businessmen who only care about making money for themselves that sends all our wonderful designs to China so they can put all their employees out of work.

Don't those idiotic morons realize that no one can afford to buy anything if they don't have a job...  Duh !!!!

Maybe someday our American culture will mature enough to realize what is actually happening to us !!!!

I know that my customers in Norway are all doing quite well because I sell a lot of very expensive guitars there.

Thanks again for your letter !!!

Ed Roman

Floyd Rose & Corporate Guitars   "Read This Very Carefully"

Most people know that you can buy a Floyd Rose Tremolo from many different companies and usually it will say something like (Licensed Floyd Rose) or (Manufactured Under Floyd Rose Patents)  etc etc

Many people who think they are in the know, look for (Original Floyd Rose) or (Floyd Rose Original)

What most people don't know is that Floyd Rose himself now has several less expensive models available to compete directly with the people who offer the licensed ones. My research has shown me that the ones Floyd has put out under his own name as originals are better then any licensed one I have seen.

What you must look for is Floyd Rose Original "GERMAN MADE"  Corporate guitar companies like ESP, Washburn, Carvin, Fender, Jackson, Gibson, New Kramers, Charvel, BC Rich, etc etc are using one that costs less than half of what the original German made one costs. It is almost impossible to tell the differences because they are intentionally very subtle.

I am given to understand that even the new Van Halen Tremolo that hasn't even been released yet is one of the middle grade models (To me that's unbelievable). Although Ernie Ball & Peavey both used a licensed one on their Van Halen guitars.  Rest assured Ed Roman won't be offering the low end or mid grade models on any guitar bearing the Ed Roman family of names !!!!!