Tone/Pros Bridge Systems

Tone/Pros Bridge Systems

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Ed Roman was one of the first luthiers in the world to use Tone/Pros bridges as standard equipment on his premium line of guitars.  Companies like Gibson &, PRS  for example still don't offer Tone/Pros Bridges as a Standard item. 

Without using Tone/Pros you cannot directly couple a guitar for the absolute best sustain & tone.  Ed Roman discovered Tone/Pros back in 1998 and concluded that without a Tone/Pros bridge the guitar's tone will be greatly compromised.

Tone/Pros Sound Labs International is a company comprised of professional luthiers and sound design specialists with years of experience in the music production and design fields. After years of successfully working independently with music professionals, they joined forces to create Tone/Pros.

The company was formed in 1998 with the goal of solving common problems and improving sound quality for everyone from the novice player to the top professional. They are committed to providing superior quality products and services at a price that is affordable to all players of stringed instruments.

Please read on to discover what top professionals who use System II components have to say about Tone Pros designs and services. lease this article was originally written in 2000 and still  today 2007 the larger companies don't want to pay the few extra dollars a Tone/Pros bridge costs. But I can assure you that anyone who is anyone knows about Tone/Pros and is utilizing the simple superior technology that Tone/Pros has always brought to the table.

Tone/Pros ® Products

System II Bridge & Tailpiece come stock on Quicksilver, BakerAbstractJET,  RVC.

The System II components come as a package set, ready to install on your guitar. The package includes

  • OEM Patented System II Bridge with matching threaded adjustment posts

  • OEM Patented System II Tailpiece with matching threaded adjustment studs

  • Allen style adjustment tool for use with both bridge and tailpiece

Available in nickel, chrome, black, or gold, and in standard and import models (import has metric thread and larger adjustment post hole on the bridge).

For 50 years, Guitar Player's bridges and tailpieces have been falling off every time they remove their strings. Tone/Pros has finally solved that problem forever and give you improved sustain and better intonation stability.

Use of Tone/Pros components will:

  1. Prevent your bridge and tailpiece from ever falling off again. No more worrying about scratching the face of your guitar or readjusting the intonation and action after a simple cleaning or changing of strings.

  2. Your guitar will sustain and play in tune like never before. Because these bridges lock solidly in place, your intonation will be much more accurate, and stay that way!

  3. Tone/Pros components require no modification of your instrument, no drilling, routing,  "cutting or gutting", simply drop in, adjust, and you are done!  You will not adversely effect the value of your guitar. your guitar will look "vintage" or as if no changes were made at all, it will just stay together, sound, sustain, and stay in tune better.

  4. The cost is the same or less than replacing with stock, inferior parts. Gibson is now using Gotoh Bridges on their guitars now for at least 3 years. Contact Ed Roman for all your Tone Pros components.

  5. Some companies that Ed Roman recommends that either use as standard or offer as an upgrade the superior Tone//Pros bridges, Quicksilver, BakerJET,  RVC, CenturionAbstract, Turner Viking,                                                          

  6. Some companies that are not using these components as of this writing.  Gibson,  PRS,  Fender,  Hamer,  Epiphone,  Brian Moore, Heritage, Schecter,  BC Rich,  Ibanez,  ESP,  Carvin,  Peavey,  Yamaha.

  7.   Contact Ed Roman Guitars for replacement Tone/Pros bridges for these brands of guitars.

Locking Studs

Tone/Pros ® Locking Studs are now available for PRS ® Guitars!

This is the real thing! The new "locking" version of the common "Guitar Stud" as used on "wrap-around" style bridge & tailpiece combinations. Tone/Pros ® studs secure solidly to your guitar and won't come loose or fall off when the strings are removed. Tone/Pros ® System II components are quickly becoming the industry standard in factory installed hardware, and are found in many top new guitars . These "studs" will look identical to your stock hardware, but will transform your "wrap-around" (including Badass ®, Schaller ® 455, and Wilkinson ® bridge/tail combos) into a rock-solid, locking system, creating perfect intonation and singing sustain. You won't believe the difference, and you will never go back!

Tone/Pros ® Superstuds will actually improve the tone and sustain, not to mention protecting that top from a sliding tailpiece. Greatly enhances the "liveliness" of the guitar by increasing acoustic coupling.

Enter the new Tone/Pros ® AVR-II (Advanced Vintage Replacement-II) Tone/Pros ® AVR-II is the upgrade for the old ABR-1 style bridge and is the "next step" in the evolution of high performance components retaining vintage appearance & functionality. While AVR-II's appearance is vintage, with the gaps above the intonation screws and the retaining wire, Tone/Pros ® engineering has provided solid secure saddles with increased intonation travel. This prevents the old "loose-o-matic" saddle movement & "saddle lift" (the saddles are secure even if the wire is off!) while providing superior coupling for better resonance transfer. This new design provides the solid intonation and increased sustain you expect from Tone/Pros ®, along with the signature "Locking" Tone/Pros ® features. Available in original vintage colors: Nickel, Gold, and Chrome.

An Older User List with Comments

Monte Pittman, Guitarist - MADONNA "Tone/Pros ® has turned my Les Paul's into completely new guitars. Even Madonna, who hasn't been playing for more than a year, notices the difference. After picking mine up one day, she had one put on her Les Paul."

Dave Costner, Guitar Tech/Luthier - Lonestar, Steve Wariner, Steppenwolf, Gibson USA, Phoenix Guitar Co., Fritz Bros. "As a tech, it's great to be able to remove all of the strings without the bridge falling off. Tone/Pros ® made my own guitar a much 'livelier' instrument; resonance was markedly improved. The whole guitar vibrates now when I play, and that makes it a lot easier to really 'get into' the music."

Peter Waltz, Tour Tech - ROLLING STONES/EAGLES "This system works fantastic, I have been waiting for something like this for years. I had no idea that it would work so well, and I appreciate your great service, too. Keep it up Tone/Pros ®."

David Sikes, Bassist - BOSTON "I have never seen a system that was so effective at solving so many problems and looks and sounds great. It makes all the difference on my guitars, thanks Tone/Pros ®!"

Jesse Bradman, Night Ranger/Poison "You guys have done it again. Finally, the ultimate system. My guitars have never sounded so good, cheers Tone/Pros ®."

Just some of Tone/Pros ® many current users

Below are some of the world's top artists and world's best guitar companies that are currently using Tone/Pros® Patent Issued System II Components. Click available links to see information from each manufacturer:

Who Else Uses Tone/Pros?...

Aaron Fink Breaking Benjamin
Adam Levine Maroon5
Alex Skolnick Alex Skolnick Trio/Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Testament
Allison Robertson The Donnas
Al Pitrelli Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Audley Freed Black Crowes
Ben Mauro Lionel Richie/Britney Spears
Ben Burnley Breaking Benjamin
Bernie Marsden Whitesnake
Billy Joe Armstrong Green Day
Rev. Billy Gibbons ZZ Top
Billy Kelliher Mastodon
Bobby Schneck Weezer/Green Day
Bob Weir The Dead/Ratdog
Bruce Brown The Charlie Daniels Band
Brian Ray Paul McCartney
Bryan Bassett Foghat
Buddy Whittington John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
Carl Bell Fuel
Chad Kroeger Nickelback
Charlie Huhn Foghat
Christian Olde Wolbers Fear Factory
Chris Rodriguez Keith Urban
Chris Traynor Helmet
Clint Lowery Dark New Day
Corey Diabo Jonas
Dallas Coyle God Forbid
Dan Estrin Hoobastank
Danny Chauncey .38 Special
Dan Donegan Disturbed
Dan Hawkins The Darkness
Dave Mustaine Megadeth
David Brenner Theory of a Deadman
Dean Parks Steely Dan
Dickey Betts Allman Bros, Great Southern
Doc Coyle God Forbid
Doug Aldrich Whitesnake
Doug Rappaport Edgar Winter Band
Elliot Easton Cars/Creedence
Eric Bloom Blue Öyster Cult
Erik Halbir Sara Evans
Frankie Sullivan Survivor
Gary Rossington Lynyrd Skynyrd
George Lynch
Greg Martin Kentucky Headhunters
Greg E Noll Villian
Jake Stutevoss Saliva
James Hetfield Metallica
James Valentine Maroon5
Jasin Todd Shinedown
Jed Simon Strapping Young Lad
Jeff Watson Night Ranger
Jerry Horton Papa Roach
Jimmy Allen Puddle of Mudd
Joe Bonamassa
John Connolly Sevendust
John Fogerty
Jon Herington Bette Midler
Jonathan Cox From Autumn to Ashes
Justin Hawkins The Darkness
Justin Long No Address
Keith Urban
Kelly Hayes Allele
Lane Maverick Allele
Lauren Ellis
Lenny Kravitz
Leslie West (Mountain)
Lindsey Buckingham  Fleetwood Mac
Mark Brown Melissa Ethridge
Mark Melchiorre, Jr. Silvertide
Mark Karan, Bob Weir Ratdog
Matt Roberts 3 Doors Down
Michael Wilton   Queensr’che
Mick Thomson (#7) Slipknot
Mike Stone Queensr’che
Mike Kroeger    Nickelback
Michael Schenker. UFO, MSG
Monte Pittman Madonna
Myles Kennedy Alter Bridge
Neal Schon Journey
Neil Geraldo Pat Benatar
Neil Zaza
Nick Catanese Black Label Society
Nick Hoffman Kenny Chesney
Nick Perri Silvertide
Page Hamilton Helmet
Paul Crook Meat Loaf
Paul Dean Loverboy
Paul Grey (#2) Slipknot
Peter Frampton
Peter Stroud Sheryl Crow
Rick Eckhardt Toby Keith
Rick Nielsen
Robben Ford
Ronnie Montrose
Rudolph Schenker Scorpions
Sammy Hagar
Scott Ian Anthrax
Sean Martin Hatebreed
Sean Rolie Tritium
Sonny Mayo Sevendust
Stephen Carpenter Deftones
Steve Henderlong 39 Stripes
Steve Miller
Steve Morse
Steve Stevens Billy Idol
TJ Davis Submersed
Thomas Blug
Tim Sult Clutch
Tommy Bolin NYC
Tommy Girvin Eddie Money/Ransom
Troy McLawhorn Dark New Day
Tyler Connolly Theory of a Deadman
Vivian Campbell Def Leppard
Warren Haynes
Wayne Avers Monkees
Wayne Swinny Saliva

Standard Equipment” on guitars by:

Abstract Guitars
Baker Guitars
BC Rich (Custom Shop Only)
CP Thornton Guitars
Don Grosh

Jol Dantzig Designs
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