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Be careful we are hearing that the new 2007 Steinberger's are using a different length string.

 Steinberger, LSR,  Hohner, Status, Klein Strings
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These are the only strings we recommend for Steinberger's, LSR's, Hohner, Status, Warwick, Or Klein Headless Guitars. Developed by Ned Steinberger himself & La Bella's president Richard Cocco.
These strings have been manufactured to exact specifications for all guitars using Steinberger style revolutionary bridges & headpieces.
La Bella company is the legitimate makers of these patented Double Ball System strings which are specifically required for guitars & basses by Arbor, Burnside, Cort, LSR, Hohner, Lotus, Klein, Tueffel & Status. Steinberger S Series Double Ball guitar strings may be used for the 'Transposing-Tremolo' model guitar, however, for the best results we recommend the ST or STP Series calibrated sets.
No other strings we have seen have the tenacity of the La Bella strings. when it comes to headless guitars you really don't have a choice. La Bella is the only real game in town.

 Steinberger, LSR,  Hohner, Status, Klein Strings
Labella has been in business over 500 years


These sets listed in this section are designed to fit original Ned Steinberger Newburgh instruments

Brand   SKU


List Cost
LaBella 6 S942

009  Dbl Ball Strings 009 to 042

18.10 8.99
LaBella 6 S946

009  Dbl Ball Strings 009 to 046

16.35 8.99
LaBella 6 S1046

010  Dbl Ball Strings 010 to 046

16.35 8.99
LaBella 6 STP 946 009  Dbl Ball Strings 009 to 046 Trans Trem  20.80 9.75
LaBella 6 STP 1046 009  Dbl Ball Strings 010 to 046 Trans Trem 20.80 9.75
LaBella 6 STP 1150 009  Dbl Ball Strings 011 to 050 Trans Trem 20.80  9.75
      Bass Strings    
LaBella 4 S100L Dbl Ball Strings Bass 040 to 095        71.70 32.95
LaBella 4 S100S Dbl Ball Strings Bass 045 to 105 71.70 32.95
      5 String Bass    
LaBella 5 S300 Dbl Ball Strings Bass 045 to 128         91.70 49.95
      Flatwound Bass    
LaBella 4 S500L Dbl Ball Strings Bass 043 to 104      90.45 49.95

 All Steinbergers, Kleins & LSR Guitars Are Now Available With Hardtail Bridges !!!!
Contact Ed Roman if you want to convert It is not expensive
In many cases It's free with a trade in on the tremolo


Klein Guitars Available From Ed Roman



Custom Made Bubinga Tops For Steinberger L Series