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Problems with Your Rickenbacker 12 String's Intonation?

If you are a Rickenbacker 12 string owner and you are having a problem with keeping the guitar in perfect tune     this little tech tip will be of great interest to you. Rickenbacker has been using a 6 saddle bridge on a 12 String guitar. This means that you will never be able to properly set your intonation.

You Need Twelve Saddles for 12 Strings

(This Bridge Is Chrome In Color)

Never fear Ed Roman to the rescue. We have acquired a large number of original Rickenbacker made 12 saddle bridges or with absolutely no modifications, you can easily change out your stock inferior bridge with the improved version (NEW USA Made Ultratone TM Brass & Delrin Bridge).
  If you would like to purchase one of these little gems I suggest you hurry. It has been our experience in the past that Rickenbacker will eliminate production of any item that we offer for sale separately. For example, we used to be able to get enough toaster pickups to go around, but now Rickenbacker has severely limited production and we cannot get enough of them.

Price is $100.00 on Factory Stock Rickenbacker 12 String Bridge
Price is $45.00 on Factory Stock Rickenbacker 6 String Bridge

Price is $165.00 on 12 String Bridge
Price is $150.00 on 6 String Bridge