Quicksilver  & PRS Parts

We Try To Stock All Parts All Years For These Guitars

There is no other dealer anywhere who can come close to our PRS parts inventory


Body Original   $488.00
Body Avanti   $488.00
Body Singlecut   $488.00
Body Wanderer   $588.00
Body Vee Shape   $588.00
Body Excelero Wood   $588.00
Body Excelero Aluminum With All Aluminum Plates   $1,350.00
Neck Brazilian Rosewood   $988.00
Neck Macassar Ebony   $988.00
Neck Maple   $390.00
Tone Pros Bridge   $100.00
Mil Com Tremolo Bridge   $488.00
Floyd Rose German Made Bridge   $179.00
Pearlcaster Vintage Style Tremolo   $159.00
2 Black Back Pickups  (Set)   $250.00
Tuning Pegs Sperzel   $88.00
Tuning Pegs Gomag   $128.00
Direct Couple Kit   $25.00
Truss Rod Cover  MOP   $35.00
Plastic Backplate   $34.00
Wooden Magnetic Backplate   $200.00
Quicksilver MOP Engraved Truss Rod Cover   $45.00


Flat Top Model