Roman J. Frog 5150 & Frankenstrat Style Kit Guitars

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ed roman


Please note that these are not sold painted with any of the trademark designs

 Here's What You Get  100% American Made High Quality
There are no cheap second rate parts on this guitar

Base Price 5150 $899.00, Frankenstrat $999.00

Options and Add Ons
If you have other options that are not listed, please contact us at the shop, 702-597-0147 and we can discuss

Neck Hockey Stick, Maple Fretboard
Body Alder
Tremolo Original Floyd Rose Tremolo, springs, studs, screws, etc. 
Pickup Seymour Duncan Premium 59 Pickup  (substitutions can be extra)
Tuners Grover Mini 6 In Line, Chrome, all mounting screws
Locknut Floyd Rose original shelf mount & mounting screws
Potentiometer 500 K
Knob MXR style (5150), Strat Style (Frankenstrat)
Neck bolts 4 Stainless Bolts
Neck Plate Chrome Plated
Cavity Cover Parallelogram with 4 screws
Jackplate Oblong Side (5150) Or Fender Style Surface (Frankenstrat) including jack


Direct Coupling Is An Available Option On All Kits. This Modification Is Standard On All Roman Guitars That Have A Bolt On Neck.  (Except Neck Thru Body Kits) This Is, By Far, The Best Way To Do A Bolt On Or Bolt In Neck. It Is Stronger And Facilitates Better Tone Transfer To The Body & Pickups.

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Options For Upgrading Kit Guitar
If You Don't See What you Are Looking For Call Us

Reverse Hockey Stick Headstock $50.00
Swamp Ash Body $150.00
Black Korina Body $550.00
White Korina Body $250.00
Mahogany Body $200.00
Basswood Body $80.00
Poplar Body $90.00
Rosewood Fingerboard $50.00
Ebony Fingerboard $180.00
Frankenstrat Broken Pickguard with VH Style Humbucker Route $60.00
Schaller Tuners $60.00
Custom Headstock Shaping $100.00
Other Head Stock Shapes POR
Seymour Duncan Proprietary Black/Back Pickup  (Same pickup we installed in EVH's Guitar) $125.00
Custom Pickup Routing $50.00
1500 G Neck Mod  (Makes Your Guitar Play Like The Devil On Hot Oil) $250.00
Kramer Decal Original Limited Quantity $50.00
Kramer USA Neckplate Original Limited Quantity $100.00
Reflector Set For Van Halen Style Gtr $35.00
Black Hardware all Screws included $150.00
Gold Hardware all Screws Included $185.00
Stutter Switch  $18.00
Straplocks $25.00
Install Floyd Studs Set Neck Geometry $50.00
Direct Couple Neck Kit $25.00
Install & Align Brass Inserts In Neck for Direct Couple Kit $60.00
Left Handed $100.00
Pre-Build Assembly $150.00
Dis-Assemble Pre-Build $25.00
Fret Level & Polish (Requires Pre-Build) $150.00
Red Covered Single Coil Pickup (Frankenstrat) POR
5-Way Blade (Frankenstrat) POR
Skunk Stripe on Back of Neck $100.00

Be Super Careful of eBay 5150 Kramers

99% of the people who are building The EVH 5150 paint job guitars (and there are lots these days) are using cheap Korean Kramer's as the core for the job. In fact Kramer never made a non tilt headstock in the USA. The only ones that came with the non tilt headstock are the Korean made Strikers & 1 model Japanese Focus. I have seen some of these guitars and they are far from acceptable. So be careful if you are considering buying one of those.

Eddie's Original guitar came with a non tilt Banana type headstock. The Kramer headstocks that Music Yo is peddling has a thinner profile and a slight hook on the end. The angle the picture is taken can effectively camouflage the thinner and different looking headstock.  

 Frequently Asked Questions About Our Kits:

Ed Roman Responds !!!!

Q:    How do you get all these new parts when the manufacturers like PRS, Jackson, Ernie Ball,  Fender or Ibanez refuse to sell them?
A:  Simple, I disassemble brand new & occasionally some used guitars and sell them for parts.

Q:   If these companies don't want parts sold,  Why don't they refuse to sell to you because you are disassembling.  What would you do then?
A: Simple, I will two step the product from other dealers, I will do whatever is necessary to buy the product. Be assured I will always have most of the hard to find parts.

Q:   Why is it that these companies don't want parts sold?
A: Some of them say they are afraid that someone might make forgeries but I suspect the truth is they want to sell you a new guitar.  Especially the big corporation cookie cutter guitar factories.

Q:   Why do you make aftermarket parts for these companies?
A: In the case of Gibson  Ibanez, ESP or other Asian companies I can make a much better looking & sounding product, In the case of companies like PRS  I can offer different variations of hardware than the originals.  I can also offer 42 variations in tonewood that none of these companies are willing to provide.