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Graph Tech Saddles

Break a sweat... not your strings

String Saver Saddles for the Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo

- Reduces string breakage
- Increases sustain
- Improves mid-range depth
- Super-lubricating
- Improves tuning
- Corrosion resistant

Play longer & harder without breaking a string!
Utilizing new, breakthrough technology in polymer engineering, you'll never again have to worry about breaking strings.  Many guitarists actually feel they play better and with more confidence using String Saver Saddles.  Go for those wild bends, play harder and be more aggressive, dare that string to break!

What do String Savers sound like?
Graph Tech designed String Saver Saddles tone around the full-bodied, crisp sound of Fender vintage steel saddles and then they added a generous boost of natural sustain (see sustain test chart).  The sound has been described as "woody with an edge."  Depending on the saddles you are currently using, the sound improvement can be as dramatic as when you replace an old set of strings with a new set.