Kerry Livgren

Kerry Livgren

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Kerry Livgren, Founding Member of Kansas, with Roman Pearlcaster
Kerry uses The Roman Blues Deluxe and Roman PearlcasterGuitars

Kerry Livgren is a musician and songwriter, best known as one of the founding members and primary songwriters for the 1970s progressive rock band, Kansas.

Kerry contributed much of what made their music so unique. Specifically, its complexity and lyrics that spoke of a restless search for truth. In 1976, while Walsh was suffering from a bout with writer's block, Livgren penned nearly all the songs on their Leftoverture album, including their smash hit "Carry on Wayward Son." The following year saw an even greater commercial success on the strength of their Point of Know Return album, which featured the existential Livgren-penned "Dust in the Wind."

Ed Roman Guitars has built him a Blues Deluxe and a Pearlcaster, and has counted him among our clientele for over 2 decades.