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Keith Urban

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Keith Urban is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

Urban has released a total of nine studio albums (one of which was released only in the United Kingdom), as well as one album in The Ranch. He has charted more than fifteen singles on the U.S. country charts, including ten Number Ones. Urban plays acoustic and electric guitar, as well as banjo, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, sitar, bouzouki and drums.

Keith Urban plays a Quicksilver Classic Bolt In Model. It is an original Classic model Quicksilver with an F Hole. We are proud to have been asked by Keith to build him a custom guitar for The Country Music Hall of Fame.

Keith Urban Keith Urban Stopped By & Bought A Quicksilver Classic Bolt In Model. I am deeply honored that such a famous & accomplished musician chose one of my guitars to play.We Are Currently Building Him A 12 String Piccolo Guitar.

Keith told me he wasn't a big fan of all the fancy shmancy woods. He wnted something understated and minimalistic. He picked an original Classic model Quicksilver With An F Hole. (They now come in 5 shapes)

He plugged it in and played a bit (Great Player Lots Of Feel), then he bought it on the spot.

I wish all my aales went this easy. He had 40 Quicksilver's to pick from & he took the first one he played.

Meeting & selling guitars to people like Keith is what makes this job a pleasure!

     Ed Roman April 2010