Brad Gillis

Brad Gillis

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Brad Gillis of Night Ranger, Ozzie & much more.

Brad Gillis Playing a Ed Roman Pearlcaster Guitar

Brads red Fender guitar has a very rare original Floyd with no fine tuners. It has a special wireless unit routed under the pick guard with the antenna wire routed in the back of the body. The on/off switch is a real air craft switch located on a flat plate with an led light were the out put jack normally is. the output jack has been relocated on the side of the body. The neck is a specially made slightly fat on the back side per Brad's instructions.
Brad has 3 custom wound Seymour Duncan pickups, He has a mini switch between the volume and 5 way switch actually splits the bridge pick up.

He has played this guitar since the original Nightranger train ride, and it appears that this guitar is ready for that grave yard in the sky.

Ed Roman is currently building him a one of a kind Pearlcaster with a beautiful Hawaiian ice blue quilt top Brad has chosen our standard system of 3 lil Seymour Humbuckers which will be coil tapped.

Brad has specified another original Floyd Rose tremolo with no fine tuners.

As usual he requires a built in camouflaged wireless unit installed better than the last one, same air craft switch w/led. out put jack moved to the side and a birds eye maple neck with an ebony fret board.

Ed Roman is proud to welcome Brad Gillis to the growing number of professionals who are currently playing Ed Roman Pearlcaster Guitars.