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Ed Roman & Jake E Lee

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Badda Bling  !!!!!

Marie Osmond Actually Designed This Guitar.
She Is Incredibly Artistic, She Involved Herself Fully In The Project From Beginning To End !!!
Mike Risinger Did All The Body Carving & Re-Carving & Marilyn Simms Did All The Jeweling.
I Met With Marie Myself  7 or 8 Times During The Design & Prototype Phases.
This Guitar Holds The Record For Design Changes !!!! 
Under The 3000 Swarovski Crystals The Body Has Sawblade Battlescars & Many Spliced On Pieces
The Signature Marie "M Logo" Is Raised 1/4" And Is Covered With Hematite Crystals
We Drove The Guys In The Shop Crazy But We Had A Lot Of Fun !!!
During The Designing Process I Got To Know Marie Quite Well.
She Is A Wonderful & Caring Person, I Hope To Work With Her Again On Her Next Guitar Project.
It Was A Real Privilege To Get To Know Donny & Marie I Can Really See Why They Are Icons.
Currently Their Show Which Has Been Running In Vegas For 2 Years Is Packed Every Night.
The Show Is Currently The Best Musical Revue On The Strip,  I Really Recommend It !!!
I Don't Care If You Are A Metal-head Or A Rocker Or Just A Budding Musician,  You Will Like It !!
I Have Seen The Show 10 Times, I Think It Gets Better Every Time.
Marie's Voice Is Amazing !!!!  I Have Taken A Number Of Doubters To This Show !
And They Always Leave Shaking Their Heads In Amazement !!!
Ed Roman Predicts, This Show Will Be Running For A Long Time In Vegas !!!

Plus Steve Lee is The Guitarist & He Is Awesome
Oh yeah,  He plays a Quicksilver...

Ed Roman          Keith Urban

Keith Urban Stopped By & Bought An Original Quicksilver,
I am deeply honored that such a famous & accomplished musician chose one of my guitars to play.
We Are Currently Building Him A Mondo Lin


   Ed Roman    John Mayer

John Stopped By The Shop To Pick Up A Couple Of Guitars
He Traded In One Of His Personal Fender Guitars
We Have It Available


Ed & Sinbad Feb 2010
Sinbad Stopped By & Bought A Real Nice Quicksilver !!!!
"Sinbad Is A Tall Dude, He Makes Me Look Like A Leprechaun"
After He Bought The Guitar We All Went To His Show & Hung Out With Him.
He Is A Brilliant Comedian And Very Personable He Is A Music Trivia Nut Like Me !!!
Really Enjoyed Spending Time With Him Truly A Great Guy !!!!

A Young Clean Cut Zakk Wylde & Ed Back In The 80's
Dinner At Jim Barbary's Restaurant,  Danbury CT.
One Of The Few Things I Miss About Connecticut Is Jim Barbary's
Later That Night Zakk Trashed His Hotel Room
Oh Well It Was The 80's

Ed Roman Guitar Builder To The Stars

Denny Laine, Ed Roman & Alice Cooper
At the Parnelli Awards In Vegas 2008

George Lynch & Ed Approx 1983

Ed Is Wearing The T Shirt From The First Harley Rendezvous
Joan Jett Made Her Solo Debut There

Ted Nugent With His Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitar

Delivering Ted's First Quicksilver Guitar.

Ted said about the Quicksilver
"He'd ride it naked into the sunset"
Currently We Are Building Him Another One Just Like The First One With Different Woods

Lemmy, Motorhead, Ed Roman Guitar Builder, Rickenbacker Bass

Lemmy & Ed  2006
Call Ed Roman If You Are Looking For A Lemmy Bass

If You Can't Afford $20,000.00 Ed Will Convert A Standard Rickenbacker For You !!!!!


Photo Taken 1983 On Stage At East Coast Music Mall

Left to Right  Vinnie Zummo, (Joe Jackson's Band) Ed Roman Guitar Builder To The Stars
  Eric Bloom (BOC) Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister) Leslie West (Mountain) Roger Glover (Deep Purple)
Elliot Easton (The Cars)  Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult)

 These Guys Were All Heavy Duty Steinberger Players in the 80's

Paul Rodgers, Ed Roman

Paul Rodgers & Ed Roman 2006

Meeting Paul Rodgers "Holy Shit" what an incredible experience!!! I have been a fan since "Free" !!!! Bad Company was my favorite group of the 70s!!!

Paul Rodgers & Eric Burdon are probably my favorite vocalists of all time!!!! 

I was delivering several guitars to Paul and he unexpectedly started playing & singing a new song he was working on.  (What an incredible preview)  Paul is one of the nicest people I have met in the Rock N' Roll world,  Warm friendly & very much a true gentleman.

One of the Elite in Rock & Roll Royalty.  Meeting Paul Rodgers makes all the day to day BS I have to put up with worth it!!!

Ed Roman April 2006

Photo by none other than the Inimitable Sally Steele "Vegas Rocks"

Ted Nugent, Sebastian Bach, Ed Roman VH1 Supergroup
Ed Roman Guitar Builder To The Stars
Jason Bonham, Scott Ian, Ted Nugent,  Sebastian Bach,  Evan Seinfeld

Ed's Office 03/03/06
Ed With The VH1 Super Group In Ed's Office

Ted Nugent For President !!!!

I have said for the past 15 years in my life, that when and if, I ever grow up. 
I wanna be just like Ted Nugent.

Ted may be a little over the top for some of the wimpy conservatives out there but he is Ed Roman's personal political hero.   Long Live Ted Nugent and I would most definitely Vote for Ted for President !!!!!   If Ted ran for Governor I would probably move to that state just so I could Vote for him!!

Ed Roman 


Ed & Captain Mark Farner  2004


Billy Gibbons & Ed  Roman 2006


The Sin City Sinners
Voted Best Rock Band In Las Vegas
Todd Kerns Will Be Appearing In Guitar King  My New Reality Show
Ed Roman Agrees With That !!!!

Bluebird Tour Bus Sold !!!!!
Click Here For Details

Eddie Lange, Pat McMinn, Rich Reid, Jerry Boutot & Ed Roman 1986

 Teenage Pale-faced, Naked, Beer Guzzling, Hot Tub Wallowing, Mutant, Guitar Playing, Ninja Babies From Hell.
I See Bubbles In The Water By Eddie Lange !!!!
This Photo Stolen From Face Book !!
I Forgot Who Took This Photo, It Was Probably Richie Scarlet,
He's Way Too Cool To Ever Take Off His Leather And Go In The Water.  LOL
Pat's Hair Is Perfect Not Even One Strand Out Of Place !!!!

Delmar California 1986

Recent Picture Of Leslie West

Playing Eddie Van Halen's Personal Ed Roman's LSR EB1
Eddie Is A Huge Leslie West Fan
For All You Younger Players Out There Check Out Leslie West Live

Ed Roman & Mark Slaughter

Ed Roman & Mark Slaughter
Showing Off The New Mark Slaughter Signature Roman Abstract Guitar
Mark Slaughter is More Than just a good customer, I'm proud to have him as a personal friend!!!!

Mark Slaughter in concert with his Ed Roman Mark Slaughter Abstract Guitar

Ed Roman and John Entwistle's Buzard Bass #1

Ed Roman with John Entwistle's Buzzard Bass
This one is the first one ever made, It was the prototype !!!
John used this bass for years !!!!

Ed Roman and Mark Kendall Kramer

Ed and Mark Kendall's Signed Great White Kramer

Ed Roman and Fernandez

Ed Roman With Steve Steven's Fernandez Guitar


Ed Roman Demonstrating The Correct Way To Play Jerry Garcia's Guitar
Guitar Has Been Sold

Ed Roman with Chris Squire's Rickenbacker Bass

Ed's Checking Out Chris Squire's Rickenbacker

Ed Roman with Kip Winger's Hamer Bass   Ed Roman Playing Kip Winger's Hamer Bas

Ed Displays Kip Winger's Hamer Bass with Aplomb
Extremely Cool Bass