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Paul Stanley Guitars  Many To Choose From

Paul Stanley Is One Of The Top Frontmen In The Rock & Roll World
He's Got The Moves, The Looks, The Attitude & The Voice

Paul Stanley is a real guitar freak. He has had numerous signature models over the years, Some of them excellent and some of them just OK. These new Washburn models are quite nice. The single cutaway version like Paul is holding in the photo below is a great guitar for reasonable money.
Paul Has Effectively Redesigned The Les Paul


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Washburn PS7000



Washburn Paul Stanley PS800 

NOTE: The Paul Stanley Designed PS400G comes in a Collectible Carton including an Exclusive Paul Stanley Puzzle Poster, Custom Paul Stanley Gig Bag, Signature Guitar Strap and 3 Paul Stanley Signature Guitar Picks. Each guitar comes with a puzzle piece that, when fitted together, completes a unique Paul Stanley poster. Get all 4 guitars to complete the puzzle.






Gig Bag:

Signature Guitar Strap
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