Wanted for Trade: Guitar List

Ed Roman Does not Buy but will Trade Most Guitars...

Guitars Pre Owned By Celebrity Rockers  
Rickenbackers Any Model     Especially Lefthanded All Hamer's prefer 80's pointy models & oddballs
USA Floyd Rose  Flying Vee Models Moonstone   All Models
Ibanez Jems,  Voyagers, &  all  models Ibanez Any Celebrity Signature Models
PRS Bolt On Models  24 fret models only Gretsch Guitars All Premium Models
  Dean USA Guitars anything from the 70's & 80's
  Gibson Dblneck & Rockstar Models
Original BC Rich Guitars USA Made All Models Guild 80's models pointy or any funky shaped one
Mosrite Guitars (must be real)   ( No Wilson Bros) Wanted Lefthanded Guitars 
Vox Guitars  (all models all models all years) Tacoma V Series Little Jumbo Guitars Any Models.
Washburn Ace Frehley Model or any Celebrity Models Pre Owned Rockstar Stage Played Guitars
  Bootsy Bass any brand
Most Fenders But Not High Priced Vintage Fender Performer Bass or any Japanese made Fender
Ibanez  Iceman Set Neck Models Gibson Ace Frehley or BB King Models
Fender Artist Models  (Not Custom Shop Models) Any Fodera Basses
Almost Any Brand of Explorer or Vee Except Gibsons Turner Model One   (Lindsey Buckingham Model)
Gittler Guitars Original Kramers all models except MUSIC YO
Rand Guitars,  Veleno, Vulcan & Messenger Steinberger, Klein, Status Headless Guitars
Old Necks, Bodies, Parts most brands Any Dingwall Basses


Alan Peterson to Ed Roman

Ed - I'm getting loads of emails from Epiphone/Gibson, crowing about their release of the Slash Les Paul.

Big shit...

I'm glad Slash has an endorsement deal, but I've read the specs. It's a  plain Les Paul model, bottom line. So is the Zack Wylde Les Paul, the Jimmy Page Les Paul, the Les Paul Les Paul... I'm waiting for a Leo Fender Les Paul any day now. I don't care much that Slash's name is on it; it's still a model that has been done (and copied) to death. If I'm dropping 5 grand on a guitar named for some guy in a stove-pipe hat, it better be Abe Lincoln.

If you have a feel for this whole artist-endorsement-of-a-plain-stock-piece thing (especially when it comes to the names of TWO people on the same guitar), I would very much enjoy seeing it as a future rant.

Alan P.
Broadcast Engineer & diehard Gretsch player
Washington DC

Ed's Response

Hello Alan

Calling yourself a diehard Gretsch player implies that you don't want to be told about anything new. It implies that you don't want to be confused with the facts. It implies that you have already made up your mind and nothing will change it.  it implies that you are not a forward thinker.   (Believe me, I can relate to that)

I sincerely appreciate your letter, I love the part about a Leo Fender model. But you must understand, I stand straight & tall in the  high winds of ignorance.  Ignorance is prevalent because of retarded diehard attitudes.

I used to be a Harley Guy, I thought everyone who drove a Honda was an ass, I thought everyone who rode a Triumph was an Ass. Well in truth,  I was the biggest Ass of all for being a diehard Harley dude.  I went 30 years as a diehard Harley dude. One morning I woke up and realized that I was no better than a diehard Gibson guy. I mean deep down I knew they were pieces of crap and they were always giving me problems. But I had worn this biker personae since I was 17 and I wasn't about to admit to the fact that I was a complete Jerk.

Well Here I go.... I was a COMPLETE JERK !!!!!!!!

I can remember when I worked at Gibson and the idea of 2 names on a guitar came up. Everyone inside pretty much agreed it was a crass idea and that even the general public wouldn't be that stupid.
Of course they did it anyway with the reasoning, "We Are Gibson, We can do anything & the Suckers will always swallow it"   (They rely on the diehards)  Just like Harley, they rely on diehards.   That isn't healthy in my book.

While at Gibson I didn't have a vote in the matter, I was just a division commander,  I was handling one brand name "Steinberger" and they had both my hands tied behind my back. Basically I was a puppet manager assigned to such trivialities as training their less than intelligent sales force what a "trans trem" was & how it worked, & how to sell headless guitars to retarded music dealers who were even less intelligent.  NOT MY IDEA OF A FUN JOB.

I ranted about this for years,  anyway imagine this scenario.......

Billy Bob Buford of Billy Bob & The Redneck Toilet Bowl Plungers happens to be a big Ace Frehley Fan.  The only thing of real importance in Billy Bob's miserable little life is to bow down on his prayer rug and pray 7 times a day towards the northeast (New York City) towards the home of his lifelong hero Ace Frehley.

Naturally when Billy Bob performs he uses his trusty Les Paul,  not just any Les Paul, He uses the Ace Frehley Les Paul that he paid $13,000.00 for when he was a kid and can't bring himself to play anything else.

OK the story is playing out.  Billy Bob writes a song about a mass murder chainsaw bloody death massacre and gets a number one hit with a bullet in his little brain.

Gibson decides to honor this geek by giving him a guitar of his own so they can sell them to his fans. Gibson gouges their customers by charging $12,000.00 for a plywood ES335 with an Eric Clapton logo on it. They stick it deep to their customers when they charge $25,000.00 for a doubleneck that used to sell the year before for $1,850.00.   Just because they associate Jimmy Page's name with it.

What I don't understand is,  Gibson reams their customers repeatedly yet the brand loyalty is strong with the well to do sophisticated educated doctors, lawyers, dentists & accountants.  These are the very people who should see right through them.  Oh Well !!!!   I mean I wouldn't expect some Hollywood, Burbank, San Fernando Valley mindless musician to get it. Or one of those lower east side New York hair-heads to understand. But educated intelligent people should be able to see right through their little veil of Bullshit.

Announcing the New "Chainsaw Billy Bob", "Ace Frehley", " Les Paul"...   
Sheeeesh   how stupid are we as a buying public.

Someone please bury this poorly designed antiquated piece of crap in a dung hill in some third world armpit where it belongs !!!!!!

People !!!!   Wake Up .....



People Hate Me For Some Of These Opinions.

They hate that anyone should ever dare speak out against a popular Iconic name like Enron, ooops I mean Gibson!!  When a company invests hundreds of millions of dollars into advertising it buys them followers. It doesn't buy them intelligent consumers it buys them the Lemmings, Nebishes and the weak minded.

This is only my opinion, The last time I checked you are allowed to have an opinion in this country. However there are people who would seek to eliminate our basic freedoms and call anyone who doesn't agree with them names and go as far as to say they were untrustworthy. It's usually very easy to spot these comments on line because they never talk about anything technical it's always something to do with name calling or making false accusations.  There's never any real meat to the BS they are spewing but it is a bit unsettling.  Lets face it, No one likes to be called names.  I guess I could shut the F up and stop telling it like I see it. I mean how easy would that be. 

This situation reminds me of the Darwinian theories that the ignorant would rather weren't taught in our schools.

The ignorant and uninformed will always be afraid of anything they don't understand or anyone who doesn't agree with them.

I write a lot of these rants to get people to think!!!  Sometimes you have to shock them a little, Sometimes there just isn't a politically correct, nice way to say, that a certain product, or a certain company SUCKS !!!!
Sorry but I will continue to be the Ralph Nader of the guitar world even if it makes me unpopular, I'm not running for public office,  so I just don't care !!!!!

If someone doesn't want to do business with me because of my opinions, I don't care either, It's their loss as much as it is mine.  However I have found that quite a few people like my no BS policy!!!!!  You just can't win em' all.


Speaking Of Ralph Nader.... I recently saw a real video where the police would not allow Ralph Nader to enter the presidential debates.  The cops told him to leave or be arrested. This was during the time when he himself was running for president. He had a ticket but the police had the building surrounded and they all had photographs of him because the two candidates were afraid that he would raise questions that they could not answer. He even had a personal invitation from the actual network who were televising the debates.
He was denied a spot in the presidential debates over and over again. It makes me ashamed of our political system.  Just another reason why the country is starting to turn into third world dictatorship. Next they will try to disarm us what then, The Oven's?

The FBI investigated Ralph Nader for years, they tried to find some dirt on him and they couldn't, They even started rumors that he was gay etc etc.  What a crock.  Even if he was gay which I am quite sure he isn't!!

So What !!!