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Ed Roman Specializes in Unique Guitars
  We don't build all these guitars, we use this page to show a few other cool guitars also.
Naturally we show many of our own new models. Or one of a kind models.
Give us your design!!   We will build it !!!

Unique means that you won't ever find Guitars like these at a  Sam Ash or Guitar Center.
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Mike Learn With Awesome Skull N Snakes "Mandible Guitar"


The New Neck Thru Body Heaven's On Fire Model
Available From Abstract Guitars 2010


Flat Top Blues Deluxe Built In Ed Roman's Custom Shop


 Check Out Our Graphics & Custom Finishes

Some Radical New Designs !!!!
 We are building a version of this Extenda Vee in our Abstract line.

The Phantazm Neck Through Body Guitar

Devastator Styled Guitar
We do not build this guitar anymore

Doyle Von Frankenstein's Annihilator 
Pronunciation for Morons



The Crown Knight De Molay Guitar

Currently In Construction Commissioned By Robert Cockerham Of Missouri
Neck Through Body, Hand Carved Body, Hand Carved Headstock
100% Built in Ed Roman's Custom Shop.
The Theme Here is From The Knights Templar, The Mason's, & The Shriners.
Ed Roman Will Build You A Guitar from Any Insignia You Can Imagine
Your Motorcycle Club,  Secret Society, or Even Your Church or Coven.

This Guitar Now  Available In An Abstract


 WASP Guitar
Available from J. Frog Guitars


Let Ed Roman build you a themed guitar for your company !!
This is available in headless or with a headstock
This is the Abstract Mutilator Model

Roman Quicksilver  "Who Theme"


Batman Guitar

Bettie Page Theme Guitar
Paint By Pamelina
Handsigned By Betty Page

Geometric Concept Guitar
Contact Ed Roman to Construct This

Carrol Shelby Cobra Guitar
What is a themed Guitar?
A guitar that becomes an extension of your personality !!!
For example if you are a Trekkie,  We can build you a Star Trek themed guitar !!
If you like the New York Yankees, We can build you a NY Yankees Themed Guitar.

Prince Symbol Guitar
Sold To Matt Miller


I did not make this guitar, Although I have a set of hand drawn plans for it that John Entwistle gave me several years before he died. He was an awesome bassist a talented artist (canvas) and an incredibly adept guitar designer. The Buzzard  Bass that he designed is an awesome instrument.

Currently we are making the Lightning Bolt Bass from the cover of "The Who by the Numbers." We call it the "Foundation Bass"


Custom Made Jupiter Thunderbird
Not A Gretsch
USA Made Neck Through Body

Love Sexy Guitar by Auerswald

This is the version that Prince Plays 
See Our New Kingpin Model

We make this model also.

 Tim Donahue custom sustainer
Very Cool Design Submitted to us as a 7 string


Ed DeGenaro - Wilma double necked guitar




Willem Niehorster's Double Neck

GHD's Fretless

Another Klein Copy

Ed Roman Has The Real Klein's


Mark Slaughter Using Ed Roman Abstract Guitar
Quilted Maple Top
The Mark Slaughter Signature Model

In Stock One Of A Kind  17,000.00



The First Ed Roman Dragonslayer Bass






Protect The Second Amendment
Because The Second Amendment Is the Only Thing Protecting The Constitution