Koa Kahuna Guitar

Koa Kahuna Guitar

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Built TOTALLY in the USA

The Koa Kahuna models from Tacoma are the best dreadnaught & OM guitars I can recommend in it's price range. Kahuna in Hawaiian means something like "Fearless Leader" or "Great One." The surf crowd adopted the phrase back in the 1950's for referring to the coolest guy on the beach. I am told that "Huna" means King and when you add the "Ka" prefix it adds an air of mysticism ala witch doctors etc.

This totally solid wood, guitar sounds absolutely fabulous. It is built with understated simplicity except of course for the beautiful Hawaiian Koa back & sides and the beautiful abalone rosette.  It comes with a premium ebony fingerboard and fully bound neck.  The all solid wood body uses a master grade sitka spruce top with an optional 9 layer real flame maple binding around the edges that separated the top and back from the sides.

This guitar was originally a limited run but it proved so incredibly successful that I begged Tacoma to offer it in the "V" Series line. After much whining, sniveling and gnashing of teeth I was able to get Tacoma to continue production.

Ed Roman