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Tacoma History

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All USA Made Acoustic Guitars from the Hottest Line in over 25 Years.

Tacoma is the Third Largest USA Made Acoustic Guitar Company.

Tacoma Guitars is a small division of the Tacoma Lumber Company. Tacoma Lumber is a multi million dollar corporation that for years has supplied other guitar builders with wood to build their guitars with.

When companies like "Taylor" or "Martin" make guitars they have to buy the raw lumber to actually construct the guitars. Tacoma Guitars owns thousands of acres of property. They actually grow their own trees for their guitars.

This gives Tacoma a huge advantage over all their competitors.  Of course they own a huge mill with which they can process the wood and they own their own drying kilns which they use to dry the lumber.

If you look at any acoustic guitar you will notice that the main ingredient in the instrument is the wood.  You should also realize that the labor cost of handling, cutting and drying the wood is the major expense in manufacturing any guitar.

Tacoma has the lead position in lower cost high quality instruments for the above stated reasons. Plus they don't waste a lot of advertising money.

This directly benefits you because the price on a comparable guitar is much higher.

Tacoma could easily sell their guitars for much more. This would give them more snob appeal and more credibility.  Many people assume that because a guitar is expensive it must be great.  Gibson proved that in the 90's before people finally wised up to them.

Before "Bob Taylor" came along "Martin Guitars"  had the undisputed  lock on snob appeal in the acoustic market. Taylor Guitars enjoys the #1 position nowadays.

If you are a discriminating individual, who is not impressed by phony baloney brand name credibility, image advertising and phony posturing, I suggest you purchase a Tacoma Guitar.

Ed Roman, January 2001