The Tacoma Amazon

The Tacoma Amazon

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Tacoma's Best Ever Guitar

The Amazon is the finest guitar that Tacoma has ever made! The cedar top is non phototropic it took  37 years to grow one inch. The grain is incredibly dense. This gives the guitar it's amazing tone. This Guitar uses the finest premium tonewoods on the face of the earth.  When I played this guitar at the NAMM show I was so highly impressed with it that I opted not to sign up for several other high end lines.  I felt that they would be impossible to sell if someone simply compared them.

The Ancient Cedar top is 1800 years old and there are 35 to 39 growth rings per inch. This shows how slow the tree grew. The tone is tight and highly suitable for finger picking style.  I was extremely  impressed with the bottom end on open chord strumming. Most people are buying this guitar for the Premium Brazilian Rosewood, but I feel that the Ancient Cedar is the real reason they sound so good.

The back & sides are of highly figured Brazilian Rosewood, Tacoma has enough to make less than 100 of these instruments. In fact it appears that only 77 of them will be made.

The Purfling is beautiful Paua Abalone and the neck will be inlaid with an appropriate inlay. (not pictured on prototype) The Rosette is also Paua Abalone, at this time it is uncertain what it will actually be. However I am sure it will be appropriately tasteful. The Bridge, Neck & Headpiece are Select Gaboon Ebony.

I will have more specs and info soon, so stay tuned!

Ed Roman

FEB. 4, 2002
MSRP $5,995.00
Ed Roman Guitars  $3,595.00
Julian Henslee
Tacoma Guitars
Tacoma, WA 98446
Ed Roman
Ed Roman Guitars
 Tel: (702) 597-0147  

Tacoma launches the “Amazon,”  Their Top of the Line  guitar featuring fine tone woods and exquisite beauty at an affordable price.

TACOMA, WA- February 4, 2002- Tacoma Guitars, one of the largest acoustic guitar companies in the USA, is proud to announce the birth of the “Amazon”! Privately designed in a joint effort with Ed Roman, a leading guitar builder/designer and online reseller of unique hand made world-class guitars Ed Roman Guitars, the Amazon features extravagant woods and is a high-quality, affordable instrument that is as beautiful to behold as it is to play!

“I am blown away by the sound!” says Tacoma Guitars sales manager, Julian Henslee. The ornate Brazilian Rosewood that graces the back and sides of the Amazon “certainly has enhanced audio qualities over Indian Rosewood.” Henslee notes that in addition to Brazilian rosewood, the Amazon boasts an ancient red cedar top. This old growth cedar is juxtaposed with a fingerboard and bridge of Ebony. Henslee calls the end result “an exquisite combination of my favorite tone woods.” Beyond these fine woods, the Amazon wears an abundance of abalone.  The shell’s appearance in the rosette, decorative border, Acanthus leaf fingerboard inlay, and inlaid Tacoma Guitars logo reflects the magnificence of the guitar’s tonal quality. Finally, the Amazon’s gold tuners, tortoise body binding, 1 ¾ inch nut width, and cutaway body seal the deal.

The Amazon is the brainchild of Ed Roman who aimed to fill a noticeable gap in the acoustic guitar market. According to Roman, “There have been other lower cost Brazilian Rosewood guitars but none of them have had the cosmetic beauty of the Amazon.” Roman chose to work with Tacoma Guitars because of their progressive nature and reputation for innovation. In his characteristic, straight-to-the point manner, he says that he appreciates how Tacoma Guitars break away from the “traditions of many old companies that rely on snob appeal to sell their guitars for a high price.” In the case of the Amazon, the final outcome is an affordable instrument with exceptional quality. Roman’s personal affection for the guitar is unmistakable: “It's breathtakingly awesome!” he exclaims.

This enthusiasm permeates all who come in contact with the guitar. Designed by Ed Roman, Julian Henslee and Terry Atkins, Tacoma’s Director of Product Development, the Amazon really stands up to its name in strength and greatness. Henslee sums it up with unabashed pride: “It has a brilliant design and construction and is probably one of the finest guitars we have ever made.”

Coupling a Piezo electric film pickup with a fixed curve active EQ, the Tone Bar is simple, and has an amazing natural sound. It faithfully amplifies every subtle nuance and dynamic without compression or clipping. The E2 is fixed in place with a locking ball bearing system in the endpin and our unique Velcro canvas battery bag holds the battery secure to the head block for easy removal.