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Steinberger Model Abbreviations
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Most of the Steinberger employees didn't even know all the info on this page.
In fact I never once even met a Factory Rep who could grasp all the Information!!!

This page is a compilation of models and designations that will help you to figure out the model of your guitar. It is not complete. I welcome any and all comments and assistance.
I have chosen not to bother with Spirit series because in my mind these guitars aren't really Steinbergers,  In fact the older 98 and back Spirit Series guitars are the exact same guitar as a Hohner.  The new Music Yo Spirit series is not even close to the Hohner.

There is virtually no interchangeability of parts on Spirits & Steinbergers,  In fact the strings aren't even interchangeable.  Recently one of my customers bought a case from Music Yo, He reported to me that not only was the fit wrong but the quality was very substandard.  It's a shame to see Ned Steinbergers name on a substandard product. I know Ned would not be happy about that !!!!


Prefix G Guitar
Prefix X Bass


L Legend, (The Oar Shaped all graphite model Like Eddie Van Halen always played)  (No Longer Available)
M Matrix, (The Pseudo Strat shaped model like Joe Perry, David Gilmour, Mike Rutherford & Vito Bratta played)
P Power-Vee, (Mini Vee model  small like the L series & sounds a lot better) Andy Powell, Leslie West
R Racer, (Lower cost model M series usually no Active EQ, Trans/Trem or EMG pickups) "Korean Made Body"
Q Quint or Quad Bass, The ugliest basses they ever made, But they sound pretty good.
Q2 Quint or Quad Bass Series 2 much better looking but bodies were all imported
S Scepter (The short lived headstock model) "GS"
K Kleinberger (The Steve Klein model) (Originally distributed by Steinberger)
T When T appears in the model number it means Trans Trem included.
S When S appears in the model number it means Std Trem Included.
A When A appears in the model number it means The built in active EQ circuit is included.
2 When 2 appears in a model number it means 2 humbucking pickups.
3 When 3 appears in a model number it means 3 single coil pickups.
5 When 5 appears in a model number it means 1 hum & 1 single coil pickup.
4 When 4 appears in a model number for a Guitar it means 1 Hum 2 Single pickups.
7 When 7 appears in a model number for a Guitar it means Hum, Single, Hum pickups.
DB When the letters DB are included it means there is a Drop D bridge included.
12 When the numbers 12 are at the end of the designation it means the guitar is a 12 string.
DN When the letters DN are at the end of the designation it means the guitar is a double neck.
LH When the letters LH are at the end of the designation It means the Instrument is left handed.
XL5N L Series 5 String Bass with a Narrow Neck
XL5W L Series 5 String Bass with a Wide Neck
XLTA L Series Bass with a Trans/Trem & Active EQ Circuit
GM4A M Series Guitar with 1 humbucker & 2 single coil pickups & an Active EQ System.
 Prices start at $1,750.00 for one in good condition.
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"M" Series
How to tell them apart

Original Newburgh USA bound pre Gibson model First Gibson model non bound imported body
Flat body with gradual chamfer on face Rounded body with chamfered edges
Almost all units had active EQ Circuitry Rarely had active EQ circuitry


Final Original Lower Quality Gibson Model Introduced around 1991
Asian Made Average Quality Body
 All "M" Series available with or without Trans Trem
All "M" Series available as 12 string or in Lefthanded versions
Only the Original 2 were available as a Bass
In my opinion the original bound bodies were by far the best sounding basses Steinberger ever made.
If you have a "P" series, They sound just as good and you get the added convenience of size.

All models available and in stock

XQ Bass
Available in 4 string or 5 String,  Available with or without DB Tuner
Excellent Tonality, Not Balanced very well, Horrible appearance (My Opinion)
This Model not available in 6 string guitar

XQ2 Bass
Redesigned version of the original Q Bass
Much more streamlined, balanced better, much more attractive.

In 1991 I designed this Steinberger headstock model, It was called the Mega Axe
There were less than 10 made and it never saw production.
Most of them were transparent red over Mahogany
Several of them had quilted maple tops.

This design is still available today in a neck through Abstract Model  Click Here

"P" Series Body Shape
Available in Guitar & Bass, 6 String 12 String, 4 String & 5 String.

Available in Doubleneck version also
Available in black white red & custom fame top bodies  (Of course custom colors are always available)
Easily Convertible to M series This model was the most short lived of all the headless models. It was my favorite one because it incorporated a wooden body which made it sound great and it employed the small size of the "L" Series for transportability. 

This model was huge in Europe and for a couple of years around 1998 they became very rare in the US.  The prices went up to around $3,000.00 for a while simply because of rarity.

Today I have these starting as low as $1,295 in pretty good condition.  This model guitar is probably the least expensive true travel guitar, that you could also take onstage at Madison Square Garden. 

I think originally, Steinberger tried to design & produce a lesser costly model.  They  failed because the final cost of manufacturing actually cost more than the all graphite "L" model. True it did sound better, However the average Steinberger buyer has been duped into thinking that the graphite models are better. 


Example Of Steinberger Retops

Available in  6 Plus 12
Available in 6 String Guitar Plus 4 Bass
Available With Fretless necks for Guitar Or Bass
Available in Any Configuration You Can Imagine

Available In Klein Body Styles

XQ2 Picture With Extra Electronics


Steinberger GS Series Guitars
European Designation "Scepter"
4 in stock

 We Are currently able to convert a Trans Trem GS into a Kahler Flat Mount
Labor Cost for Conversion $190.00
When this is done the job is virtually undetectable

The GS Model
This model came with the Trans Trem or the Jam Trem
It had the most innovative designed tuners I have ever seen
It was supposed to be the Savior for the failing company but it almost wiped them out
That's another story for another day.

Parts, Sales, Service, Repair, Advice

LSR Guitar has acquired several hundred thousand dollars of Original Steinberger guitars and parts.

LSR has no affiliation with the Gibson Guitar Company that has acquired the trade name Steinberger and LSR is most definitely positively not affiliated in way whatsoever with “Music Yo” which is Gibson’s Sales vehicle to sell the imported product on the uneducated consumer/beginner market.

The slick very well done advertisements for “Music Yo” depict all the familiar Steinberger body shapes. Be aware these are very definitely NOT THE ORIGINAL MODELS and as far as we can tell absolutely none of the parts are interchangeable, Not even the strings.

LSR is affiliated with Ed Roman’s Abstract Guitars, Roman  Bass Guitars, Quicksilver Guitars, Jaros Guitars, Pearlcaster Guitars

LSR is an American Company, LSR Products are all American made and normally LSR has no involvement or interaction with Korean or Asian companies.  There are certain situations where it becomes unavoidable and LSR must deal with Asian companies for certain parts but LSR does that strictly as a last resort.

LSR will be manufacturing products to fit the real USA Steinberger guitars as soon as patents expire.  LSR also has a new stop tail piece bridge and several other new items that will fit LSR Guitars and retrofit on Steinberger Guitars.

LSR is dedicated to keeping the original Ned Steinberger guitars alive & well.  LSR is planning to try and reduce prices on many of the hard to find parts as soon as possible so that the cost factor will no longer be quite as high.

LSR will be manufacturing over 100 different body styles for LSR Guitars, these body styles will retrofit on all Steinberger’s made in the USA from day one to the last days of production in the 90’s. LSR will offer over 20 different kinds of woods and a multitude of wood combinations on all LSR Guitars and of course these will retrofit on original Steinberger’s also.


Why Buy Your Original Steinberger From Ed Roman?
  The Steinbergers Ed sells are the original Brooklyn & Newburgh models
We rarely if ever even have one of the Music Yo or Gibson Spirit or Synapse models

01, All Ed Roman Steinbergers are totally refurbished & fully inspected before being shipped out.
02, All Ed Roman Steinbergers have had the claws, saddles, frets, bearings, Etc replaced.
03, Ed Roman Stands Squarely Behind Every Steinberger Sold.
04, No other dealer has access to original & upgrade parts like Ed Roman does.
05, All available parts will be accessible to you as long as you can prove you purchased f
rom Ed Roman.
06, All Ed Roman Guitars leave our facility fully set up and ready to play (All Brands)
07, Your cost on Steinberger Strings will be $2.00 cheaper than we have seen anywhere else on the net.
08, We provide a free loaner if your Steinberger ever breaks !  It does not matter whose fault it was.
09, Our Steinberger basses utilize military spec aircraft aluminum titanium alloy unbreakable string claws.
10, We usually replace all the pickups, pots, knobs etc etc before we ship.
11, Our Steinbergers are the only ones that come standard with a precision truss rod adjusting wheel.
12, Ed Roman actually has Steinberger brand hardtails available to retrofit for a small upcharge.
13, Any cracks dings or surface damage is expertly repaired so they are 100% invisible & undetectable.
14, Our upgrade necks are lighter, thinner and have a frictionless matte finish for ease of playing.
15, We offer Rosewood, macassar ebony, maple & virtually any choice of wooden neck.
16, Our graphite necks are the finest in the world, We offer both strandular & chopped graphite.
17, Ed Roman also offers do it yourself kits for hundreds less than buying a standard guitar.
18, Ed Roman pays the freight back to you if you have to send your guitar in for service or repair.
19, Ed Roman has 45 different types of tonewood if you need a custom or replacement body.
20, Ed Roman has the largest selection of original Steinberger guitars in the world, All Models, All Colors, Custom Bodies, Custom Necks, Custom Electronics, Custom Bridges, Headstock Models & More !!!!

Ed Roman Guarantees if you can find a dealer anywhere on this planet that has even 10% of the inventory at our disposal he will pay you $1,000.00 !!!!
Ed Roman is supremely confident that you will not come close to the selection available at his facility.


If you are an Ebay buyer, maybe you think you can get a better deal on an instrument thru them. We also have many instruments that don't measure up to the standards set above.

Generally we put those inferior instruments up on Ebay through a shill seller. We have to do something with them. They don't taste good & eating them is pretty hard to do.

So if you find something several hundred dollars cheaper on ebay, We can usually beat that also. However, we are not going to supply the above caliber instruments to customers who are literally buying them at cheaper than Ebay prices.
We are not going to provide free loaner service and our warranty is quite a bit restricted compared to what we have printed above. Our warranty will be much the same as you would get from most dealers selling Steinbergers.


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