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Group Shot of Original Customized Steinberger Basses
Ed Roman Has The Worlds Largest Selection Of Headless Guitars

Group Shot Of Headless Steinberger & LSR Custom Guitars
Worlds Largest Selection Guitars Basses & Parts

EB-1 in Walnut Quilt Top
Custom Made 100% by Ed Roman
This is not a Steinberger it is an LSR
These Bodies Will Bolt Right Up To Your Existing Steinberger

Steinberger Easy Rider Paint Job
These Bodies Will Bolt Right Up To Your Existing Steinberger

LSR Headless Guitars
The Best Bang For The Buck in a Quality Headless Guitar
This one was built for Rick Derringer

These Bodies Will Bolt Right Up To Your Existing Steinberger

We Also Make The Klein Style Guitars & Body Blanks.
This customer wanted a matching Korina neck set into one of them.
Here you can see what the finished body looked like.
My shop can build any body shape you like as a custom instrument.
 Please contact me if you are interested.

We very rarely if ever recommend set necks !!!
However we are a full custom shop and we will do whatever a customer asks for !!!
Using any kind of a set neck you lose 30% of your tone at the neck joint !!!!
The glue prevents the high end from the neck ever  reaching your pickups

Below You See The Same Body With A Bolt On Graphite Neck

The bolt on neck actually fits much tighter than anything glued on.

Parts, Sales, Service, Repair, Advice
Rewritten & updated 2009

STEINBERGER Shut down their entire USA manufacturing operation about 9or 10 years ago. They are currently importing low cost, Korean made products that resemble the real thing, if you stand back about 10 feet. These guitars aren't the worst guitars I have seen.  If you are a beginner or someone who just wants a travel guitar to putz around on they are an OK deal.  If you are a serious player and you are truly interested in acquiring a fine USA made instrument I suggest you look elsewhere.

Recently the Gibson company, who today own Steinberger, came out with a model they call the Synapse.  They claim to make it in the USA . I seriously doubt that to be true, however, I do know that the necks are made by Moses Graphite in the USA .  It is important to be aware that all the original Steinbergers used individual USA high quality parts. The parts for the new Synapse model are not interchangeable in any way.  Therefore I strongly recommend staying away from the Synapse.

LSR Guitar has acquired several hundred thousand dollars of original Steinberger guitars & parts.

LSR has no affiliation with the Gibson Guitar Company that has acquired the trade name Steinberger, and LSR  is most definitely positively not affiliated in any way whatsoever with “Music Yo”, which is Gibson’s Sales vehicle to sell the imported product on the uneducated consumer/beginner market.

LSR did at one time offer Gibson $250,000.00 to purchase the Steinberger name & trademarks. This offer was made when the company was completely shut down and not delivering any product at all. Gibson declined the offer at that time.

LSR was only interested in purchasing the American rights and would have not been involved in any importing. Gibson probably did not realize that at the time the offer was made. It is this writers opinion that if Gibson had realized that to be the case they would have probably accepted the offer.

LSR Guitars as of 11/01/05 purchased the entire inventory of the Hohner USA.  There will no longer be any Hohner G3 models or Hohner B2 Steinberger licensed models.  Ed Roman has approximately 1900 of these guitars in stock, bringing Ed Roman's total guitar inventory to almost 8000 guitars in stock.

In 2006 Hohner decided to continue on with the headless guitars, They knocked about $30,000.00 off of my invoice to make up for the fact that I no longer had cornered the market. I was actually glad to see them stay in the business, as I want no part of the low end headless market except perhaps on a retail level. Hohner definitely made a really nice competitive piece to the Steinberger Spirit.

The slick very well done advertisements for “Music Yo” depict all the familiar Steinberger body shapes. Be  aware these are very definitely NOT THE ORIGINAL MODELS and as far as we can tell, absolutely none of the  parts are interchangeable, not even the strings.

As of 2002,  Music Yo has put out a new supposedly American Made Model.  I have not seen one up close but I have been told they are the imported model with an American made Moses neck.  (Be aware the Moses neck does not fit on a real original Steinberger.)  Be aware it is 100% legal to call something USA made if it is simply assembled in the USA.  Even Harley Davidson has been doing that for some years now.

LSR is affiliated with Ed Roman’s World Class Guitar's, Abstract Guitars, Quicksilver Guitars,  Pearlcaster Guitars. Centurion Guitars, and JET Guitars.

LSR is an American Company, LSR products are all American made, and normally LSR has no involvement or interaction with Korean or Asian companies.  There are certain situations where it becomes unavoidable and LSR must deal with Asian companies for certain parts but LSR does that strictly as a last resort.

LSR will be manufacturing products to fit the real USA Steinberger guitars as soon as patents expire.  LSR  also has a new stop tail piece bridge and several other new items that will fit LSR Guitars and retrofit on  Steinberger Guitars.  All LSR parts will retrofit on original real Steinberger Guitars. Music Yo products do not.

LSR is dedicated to keeping the original Ned Steinberger guitars alive & well.  LSR is planning to try and  reduce prices on many of the hard to find parts as soon as possible so that the cost factor will no longer be  quite as high.

LSR will be manufacturing over 100 different body styles for LSR Guitars, these body styles will retrofit on all  Steinbergers made in the USA from day one to the last days of production in the 90’s. LSR will offer over 40  different kinds of woods and a multitude of wood combinations on all LSR Guitars and of course these will retrofit on original Steinbergers also.



This is the first guitar I ever designed, I designed it for Steinberger in 1991
Everyone liked it even Ned but we only made very few of them.
If anyone finds one I would like to buy it.


This Guitar Is Available Left & Right Handed
It is available in any pickup configuration with any Tremolo you like
The Vito Bratta Headstock M series available only from Ed Roman


Completely Refurbished Steinberger Original P series Body
All other parts are new after market replacements
Guitars Available in 20 plus colors

Extremely Reasonably Priced Fully Warranted by Ed Roman Guitars

Below is a legend to help you figure out what Steinberger you have.

 This does not cover the music Yo models or the spirits.  Please don't call and ask us about Music Yo Models
We don't know anything about them and we don't want to know either.


Prefix G Guitar
Prefix X          Bass
L Legend,   Oar shaped all graphite model like Eddie Van Halen uses. There are a number of lower priced copies on the market. Many of them sound better. (Be Very Careful)
LW Legend (Oar shape wood body graphite neck) (costs less & actually sounds better)
M Matrix, ( Pseudo Strat shaped model like Joe Perry, David Gilmour, Vito Bratta play  Actually designed by Mike Rutherford of Genesis.
P Power Vee (The mini V shaped model like Leslie West or Andy Powell play)  Before switching to the Westberger
R Racer (Low end version of the M series no trans trem, no binding, and no EMG pickups) made in Korea
Q Quint or Quad Bass
S Scepter (The short lived headstock model)
K Kleinberger  (The Steve Klein model)
T When T appears in the model number it means Trans Trem included.
S When S appears in the model number it means Std Trem Included
A When A appears in the model number it means Active EQ circuit is included
2 When 2 appears in a model number it means 2 humbucking pickups
3 When 3 appears in a model number it means 3 single coil pickups
4 When 4 appears in a model number for a Guitar it means 1 Hum 2 Singles
7 When 7 appears in a model number for a Guitar it means Hum Single Hum

This is Buck Dharma's Personal LSR EB-1
Buck has been Playing LSR Guitars for 10 years

Ned Steinberger & Ed Roman
Ned Steinberger is an extremely bright and innovative person:
He is also quiet soft-spoken, conservative and very reserved
This is a rare moment for Ned...
This is a photo from almost 25 years ago
We are both quite gray now and I have even less hair.