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No one anywhere has a bigger selection of original Steinberger Bodies 


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New Steinberger Bodies  What To Watch Out For !!!

We do a lot of repairs & customizing to Steinberger guitars. When Gibson bought Steinberger they switched from the original design where the body had binding on it. They went to the shape you see below. It is very easy to tell the difference. Just look for the binding, that will always be the original one made from quality wood and constructed using real quality. Below you will see an example of what we find when we customize the new Steinberger Guitars.



Holes filled & redrilled showing real poor quality. Left Photo
Hole drilled in the wrong place to the right of the cavity.  Right Photo
These holes were previously invisible when the guitar was painted
It looks like they changed their mind on hole placement and simply filled the holes with plastic wood !!!
Quality Unacceptable !!!!


The Bound Bodies Were Made To A Much Higher Standard Of Quality.


Early Newburgh Pre Gibson Original Model Retopped In Our Custom Shop

Late Model Post Gibson Retopped In Our Custom Shop

Custom Paint Done On An Original In Our Custom Shop

Custom Replacement Bodies