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Scorpion Guitar Models Scorpion Rebel
Scorpion 7 String Scorpion Alien Construction
Abstract Scorpion Guitar Neck Thru Body Scorpion Yankee Rose
Scorpion Guitar Review Video Ibanez Guitars  We Will Not Be Undersold

Scorpion Guitars Are Discontinued
These Bodyshapes Will Now Be Available As Quicksilver's
We have Found The Neck Joint On The Quicksilver To Be Superior
We Will Also Be Offering Them As Abstract Neck Thru Body Models Also


Scorpion Alien In Korina With Ebony Board

Yankee Rose In Korina With Ebony Fretboard

We Use Real German Floyds, Seymour Duncan Pickups
This is an example of your favorite guitar on steroids.
Totally hand built in the USA

Ibanez Builds A Great Guitar If You Cannot Afford Something Custom Made
Scorpion Guitars Are Not For Your Typical Consumer
All Scorpions are made 100% in the USA with premium woods & parts
 We sell 12 Ibanez guitars to every one of these but the Ibanez is so much less money !!!
These guitars don't compete with Ibanez because they cost so much more !!!!!
These guitars are for the player who wants a custom instrument that feels & looks like an Ibanez.


 Scorpion Video Guitar Review from The Tone King.

Scorpion Picasso

These Scorpion Picasso Models are available with

Tune-O-Matic Tone/Pros bridge, Floyd Bridge
Ibanez Bridge, Hamer Sustainer Bridge,
Beautiful tonewood tops available  Any kind of wood  you can dream of.

Available As An Abstract Neck Thru  THE  BFM Or A Scorpion With A Bolt On


7 String Scorpion Custom

Ebony Fretboard, Personalized 12th Fret Inlay, Strings Thru Body, Reverse Custom Headstock
EMG Pickups, All Access Neck Joint, Locking Tuners.   Totally Hand Made From The Ground Up !!!!!!

The Alien Model

For those of you who want a 24 fret Satriani style guitar.
For those of you who won't settle for rosewood fingerboards
For those of you who won't settle for Dimarzio pickups...
For those of you who want a real Floyd Rose German tremolo.
Available in any color you can dream of.  Also available in Chrome.
Also available in 22 Fret.

Picasso With Custom Gold Leaf finish
You can order any pickup brand or configuration

REBEL                      ALIEN                 YANKEE ROSE                        PICASSO


Economy USA made Scorpion with Pickguard
Budget Model
Slightly more than an Ibanez but 100% USA made with real German Floyd & Duncans
Watch out for the Chinese Original Floyd's
They are better than many others but they still aren't the real deal !!!!!

Scorpion Custom
Silver Metalflake, Seymour Duncan Pickups
Real German Made Floyd Rose, Locking Schaller Tuners

Custom Built in 1999
Archtop 7 String  Using Ibanez Components

Scorpion 7 String Model

The Customer Custom Designed This Pickguard
We all thought it looked better without a pickguard.

Scorpion Rebel Model

Scorpion Korina 7 String

Scorpion Doubleneck In Process
Call For Information

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