RVC Traditional Singlecut 

RVC Traditional Singlecut

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Most of the time Ed Roman does not recommend a glued in neck like these guitars
However when using a P90 pickup the sound is quite good !!!

Most Gibson's use humbuckers, We feel that the glue in the neck joint and under the fingerboard deadens the resonance, takes away from the sustain & causes you to lose tone from your neck & fingerboard.
The P90 sound,  which is basically a fat single coil seems to actually benefit from these drawbacks. We have built these for numerous Rockstars and they always choose P90 or P100 pickups.  Naturally you can get humbuckers but it doesn't have the vintage tone that is associated with this style of guitar.


Flowers Of Evil Guitar
Leslie West

Flowers of Evil Paint Graphic, Single Cutaway, Ebony Fingerboard

Chrome Hardware, P-90 Pickup !!

  Built For Elliot Easton 2005
All Korina Body & Neck, Jason Lollar Pickups, Ebony Fingerboard
Gold Hardware, Tone Pros Bridge.

Korina Sunburst Model
Built For Brian May 2005

RVC Guitars Are Available With Exotic Tops & Backs