Roman R5S Comparison

Roman R5S To Gibson L5S Comparison

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The Purpose Of This Page Is To Present Photographic Evidence That Ed Roman

Guitars Adheres To Quality Standards That Are Becoming Something Of The Far Past.

The Gibson On The Left Was Built In The Early 70's (Say 1973, When Gibson Was In Michigan ). The

RVC In The Center Was Made In 2009. The Gibson On The Right Was Made In 2009, And Is

Far Nicer Than Any Run Of The Mill Gibson You Will Find Anywhere.

(There Is Speculation That The 2009 Gibson Was Ghost Built. It Looks Too Good To Be A Gibson.)

Vintage Gibson L5S

Roman RVC R5S

2009 Gibson L5S Prototype

(Made For Richie Sambora Personally)

Very Thick Binding & Large Tape

The RVC Is Built To The Same Specs

As The Original

Much Thinner Binding & Far Less Taper (The Body Is Thinner)

Very Thick Binding & Large Bevel

It Is Also Multi Ply Binding

Hmmm, Looks Like The 1970's

Gibson, But Nicer Wood

Much Thinner Side Binding

The Only Multi Ply Is On Top

Thick Multi Ply Binding. Very Noticeable Arch In The Top & Back

Hmm, Equally Thick Binding, More Arch And More Figuring In The Wood

Very Little Arch, Thin Binding. (This Is A $12,000.00 Guitar!!) No $hit!!

Nice, Classy Lines. Could Have Used A Higher Grade Of Wood, But Still Nice.

Great Flames & Classic Classy Lines.

Much Flashier Than The 70's Gibson

Oh Well, No Personality, Dull, Just About Flat And BORING!
Nicely Done Multi Ply Binding, Good Attention To Detail, No Doubt - Time Consuming!

Ditto. Nice Abalone And Killer Flames. Not The Easiest Way To Build A Guitar.

Well, The Abalone Is Really Pretty. Looks Like The More One Dwells Upon Details In This Guitar The Worse The Details Get.

Good Color, I Love It. Poopy Book Matching Though.

Very Nice! Highly Flamed, Book Matched Back And Neck. And Multi Ply Binding. Well, I Don't Know If This Picture Of The Back Really Belongs With The Other 2 Guitars. Kind Of Embarrassing!

Wooden Cavity Cover. Nice Detail!

Very Nice Detail. Not A Short Cut!width

Oh Well, This Is Getting Really Embarrassing! I'm Sure Its A High Grade Of Plastic.

Multiple Binding Everywhere! No Shortcuts Here!

Great Abalone, It Would Look Much Better With Multiple Binding. (Hint)

The Binding Matches Everywhere On This Guitar.

As It Does Here!

Same Ole, Same Ole!


We Adhere To High Quality Standards. The Type Of Standards And Pride In Workmanship That Is Becoming A Thing Of The Past! The Passion That You WILL NOT FIND In Cookie Cutter, Mass Produced Widgets (That Look Like Guitars).


Call Ed Roman Guitars If You Would Like To Own A Professional Quality Musical Instrument.