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Ed Roman Is Interested In Purchasing RKS Guitars

Winner Of An Industrial Design Award
The RKS Guitar Was Another Example Of A Fine Guitar That Didn't Make It Due To Shortsighted Musicians Indifference To Quality & Innovation.




A year after their debut at the 2005 Winter NAMM Show, RKS Guitars may still be the new kid on the block as far as guitar makers go, but if RKS founder Ravi Sawhney has his way that will be a temporary situation.

RKS Guitars has taken the basic guitar concept and restated it as functional art. The guitars are familiar, yet different with their leading-edge sensual curves, understated elegance and ergonomic design.

The functional characteristics are the direct result of the RKS design team scrutinizing and analyzing the various ways guitarists physically handle their guitars. From that logical starting point they incorporated some very rational ergonomic design into the instruments.

Controls are hidden away for aesthetic appeal, but readily in reach for function --literally at your fingertips. Balance is pleasantly neutral and the guitar feels solid and substantial without being heavy. The finishes are attractive and flawless, with a deep gloss and vibrant colors.