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Rick Turner Guitar Pricelist

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The Turner Neck Is A Glue On Model The Roman Is A Neck Thru Body

The Model One $3,995.00
The Standard Model 1 comes exactly like Lindsey Buckingham's basic 1978 guitar except for some possible cosmetic options. Lindsey has 7 or 8 of them at any given time. So it's hard to offer the exact duplicate.

MODEL Description List Price Your Cost
Model 1 LB Std Guitar $5,995.00 $3,995.00 Basic Model
Model 1 LB Korina Wood Guitar $6,995.00 $4,495.00 Basic Model


Body Solid Mahogany Premium Grade Standard No Charge
Neck Solid Maple Or Genuine Mahogany Standard No Charge
Fingerboard Rosewood Some Figuring Standard No Charge
Frets 24 Nickel Silver Frets . Standard No Charge
Original Satin Finish Polyurethane . Standard No Charge
Electronics Fully Active 18 Volt Incredibly High Headroom Standard No Charge
Preamp Onboard Preamp 18 Volt Custom Circuit. Standard No Charge
Pickup Rotatron Rotating Pickup Rick Turner Exclusive Standard No Charge
Body Shape Complex Curve Archtop Negates Standing Waves Standard No Charge
Nut Width 1 11/16 . Standard No Charge
Radius 12" . Standard No Charge
Nut Bone . Standard No Charge
Bridge Schaller . Standard No Charge
Tuners Planet Waves . Standard No Charge

Many Options Added At Ed Roman Guitars


Parametric EQ Onboard 18 Volt . $300.00
Cstm Rick Turner Preamp Onboard 18 Volt New For 2008 $300.00
Optional Magnetic Pickup Choice of Turner, Duncan, EMG, Lollar, Holmes, etc Price On Request
EMG Preamp System . $100.00
Wooden Pickup Rotator Hand Fabricated,  Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Piezo System & Blend Onboard (Fully Retrofit) . $550.00


Polyurethane Gloss Finish Very Thin Finish . $450.00
Custom Tint Custom Colors Translucent $150.00
Grain  Enhancement Scred & Black Dye Enhance $400.00
French Polish Handpolished & Buffed . $650.00
Nitrocellulose Lacquer Ultra Thin Lacquer . $550.00


Top Choice Of Woods . Price On Request
Back Choice Of Woods . Price On Request
Bound Top Choice Of Woods . Price On Request
Bound Back Choice Of Woods . Price On Request
Korina Core African Limba . $500.00
Cedar Core . . $300.00
Spruce Core . . $350.00
Abalone Purfling Top . . $600.00
Abalone Purfling Back . . $600.00
Herringbone Purfling Top . . $200.00
Herringbone Purfling Back . . $200.00
Chambered  Body . . $100.00


. . .
Bound Neck . . $190.00
Custom Nut Width . . POR
Maple Fretboard Fingerboard . $200.00
Macassar Ebony  Fingerboard . $350.00
Ebony Fretboard Fingerboard . $250.00
Brazilian Fingerboard Numerous Types of Rosewood Available $250.00
5 Piece Laminated Neck Maple Multi Hardwood . $300.00
Abalone Purfling . . $400.00
Gold Adamantium Frets AKA Vibranium TM .Only On Tiberius Now $150.00
Nickel Silver Frets . . Standard No Charge
Laminated Heel Cap . . $100.00


. . .
5 Layer Back Overlay . . $300.00
Matching Fascia . . $200.00
Binding . . $150.00
Abalone Purfling . $400.00


. . .
Roll a Matic Bridge . . Standard No Charge
Wooden Tailpiece Standard No Charge
Handcarved . . $


. . .
Gold Hardware . . $250.00
Straplocks . . $30.00
Slotted Peghead . . $
Wooden Knobs . . $6.00 Ea
Abalone Purfling Body, Neck or Headstock . $


, , ,
Flame Maple Choice Of Woods Rick Turner has adopted the new standardization in wood pricing.
The cost of wood fluctuates tremendously by the time of year, by the season and especially by the quality of each piece.
The new standard is simply price each piece by the relative cost of each piece. If after finishing the piece doesn't turn out magnificently then discount it appropriately.
Prices start as low as $150.00 & go as high as $1,000.00.  for  awesome spectacular specimens.
Ed Roman subscribes to this pricing policy, because it is the fairest way to set prices.


Price On Request
Quilted Maple    x Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Sycamore Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Koa    x Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Macassar Ebony   x Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Cocobolo   x Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Tasmanian Blackwood  x Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Korina Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Cohagerie   x Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Buckeye Burl Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Walnut Choice Of Woods Price On Request
Paduak Choice Of Woods .
Zebrawood Choice Of Woods .



Rennaissance RS 6 in Sycamore
Bound Body, Herringbone Purfling & Matching Headstock
These guitars are the best sounding amplified acoustic guitars on the market !!!!

 Available In Lefthanded

Rennaissance Special



Rennaissance RS6  SP 6 String Steel String 2,190.00 $1,749.00
Rennaissance RN6 6 String 12 Fret Nylon 2,250.00 $1,799.00
Rennaissance RN6H 6 String 14 Fret Nylon 2,310.00 $1,848.00
Rennaissance RS12 SP 12 String Steel String 2,520.00 $1,999.00
Rennaissance RS6B SP 6 String Baritone 2.250.00 $1,799.00
Rennaissance RS12B 12 String  Baritone 2,570.00 $2,049.00
Gig Bags Included     108.00
Hardshell Case          330.00  


Rennaissance RB4 Fretted Or Fretless 2,330.00 $1,864.00
Rennaissance RB5 Fretted Or Fretless 2,560.00 $2,048.00
Rennaissance 6 String Bass Custom Shop Price On Request
Rennaissance Doubleneck All Combos Custom Shop Price On Request
Rennaissance 7 String Guitars Custom Shop Price On Request

Rennaissance Free Options

Planet Wave Tuners Designed by Ned Steinberger    
All Mahogany Construction      
Mahogany  Neck      
Double Action Truss Rod      
Maple Neck 12 Strings & Basses    
Madagascar Rosewood Fingerboard      
Madagascar Rosewood Bridge      
Bone Saddle Individually Fitted    
Bone Nuts Individually    
Abalone Top Dots      
Nickel Silver Frets      
MOP Side Dots      
18 Volt D'TAR timberline preamp & pickup system      
Gig Bag       




Gloss Finish Top
Western Red Cedar Top
  $670.00 $536.00
Gloss Finish Back & Sides   $240.00 $192.00
Roland GK2   $720.00 $576.00
Gold Plating   $ 96.00 $80.00
Left Handed     $200.00



 Ed Roman Will Not Be Undersold
If you can find a better price call and we will match or beat it

Pricing & discounts on Rick Turner Guitars were always aggressive!!!
If you can find a better deal from any other stocking dealer please call me directly
Chances are it's not exactly the same product !!!
Ed Roman

  Western Red Cedar Top  Included
  Spruce, Cherry, Walnut or Flame Maple Top $120.00
Quilted Maple,   Claro Walnut.  Rosewood, Sycamore, $120.00
Myrtle, Striped Koa, Macassar Ebony,  Cocobolo Top
Premium Figuring &  Brazilian Rosewood  ADD $230.00 to $600.00
  Quilted Maple, Flame Maple Figured Walnut 160.00
  Macassar Ebony, Rosewood, Cocobolo 160.00
  Sycamore, Cherry, Myrtle, 160.00
Premium Figuring  ADD 250.00 to 700.00
Gloss Finish On Top  Included
Gloss Back & Sides 192.00
Gloss Neck   (Not Recommended By Ed Roman) 216.00
2 Color Shade Burst Top 144.00
3 Color Sun Burst Tops 180.00
Match Neck with Shade Burst 150.00
Tortoise Celluloid Bound Top Included
Tortoise Celluloid Bound Back 144.00
Tortoise Celluloid Bound Peghead                                                                                   144.00
Ivoroid Bound Top 60.00
Ivoroid Bound Back 144.00
Ivoroid Bound Peghead 144.00
Rope Purfled Top    (Black & White Diagonal Check Pattern) 216.00
Rope Purfled Peghead   (Black & White Diagonal Check Pattern) 216.00
Paua Abalone Purfled Top 690.00
Paua Abalone Peghead 474.00


Custom shop offers all kinds of options that most people don't buy. If you want something real special like a wild inlay or Weissenborn style heavy rope binding. 
Hard Shell Case Guitar 330.00
Hard Shell Case Bass 360.00
Gig Bag Guitar 128
Gig Bag Bass 140


REN - D4The "Dingus" strap position extender for improved bass balance - 4 string
REN - D5