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"The Old Turner Model One Guitar"
The Tiberius Guitar Is What Ed Roman Recommends Today

The Model 1 is the instrument best known as "The Turner Guitar." Prominently featured in Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham videos and recordings, this is the guitar often mistaken for an acoustic or semi-hollow instrument.  The body shape is based on an early 19th century Viennese guitar which may have been built by Johann Stauffer, the man who taught guitar to Christian Frederick Martin. The MODEL 1-C was first introduced in 1979, but went out of production in 1981.  Rick Turner Guitars resumed production of this and other models in 1990.  Today Ed Roman recommends the Tiberius Neck Thru Version as a major improvement over this guitar.

This Guitar Was Used By Lindsey Buckingham As His Main Guitar
Live & On Recordings For 31 Years.


Construction and Features of the Model 1 Guitar 2005

  • Honduras Mahogany body with radiused cylindrical arched top and back.
  • Maple Top / Purple Heart neck with Rosewood Fingerboard & Paua Dot Inlays.
  • Black binding on body and fingerboard; peg head veneer overlaid front and back.
  • Single custom rotating humbucking pickup. 
  • Nickel plated solid brass tailpiece with hand made black acrylic battery cover.
  • Planet waves tuners and bridge.
  • 24 3/4" scale length, 15 frets to body, 24 frets total.
  • Neck width: 1 11/16" at nut standard.
  • The MODEL 1 is available with three styles of electronics.
  • The MODEL 2 is a MODEL 1 guitar with a second pickup added at the neck. (Not recommended by Ed Roman it's overkill)

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