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We Currently Have Used and New Old Stock

With all the delivery problems and the huge 2007 price increase it just doesn't make any sense.
Someday I hope to rekindle our relationship with the folks at Rickenbacker.
But that day is not today !!!
We are buying used ones and any dealer overstock !!!!

Rickenbacker Custom Painted for Brian O'Donnell 

Lemmy & Ed with the last two new Lemmy Basses In The World.
I am keeping one & the other one is for sale.
Lemmy signed them both for me.
Lemmy is really a cool guy, even though he never sleeps.

At One Time We Were The Largest Rickenbacker Dealer Anywhere.
Today we no longer order them new,  They take too long and customers get upset.
So we have opted to sell only used and NOS that we actually have.


Rickenbacker 360 Models

Ed Roman Rickenbacker Display 2006

Amber Fireglow Color Of The Year


Walnut Rickenbackers



Rickenbackers Usually We Stocked 200 At A Time !!!

From 1997 to 2005 We Were The World Largest Dealer For Rickenbacker

We carried all models in all colors except  the 340 model
Someday when delivery gets better we may carry them again !!!
We are currently dealing primarily in used Rickenbackers at this time.