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 Quicksilver Guitars

by Trent Salter

This months review is that of the Roman Quicksilver. Sent to me by the man himself, Mr. Ed Roman of  World Class Guitars. Obviously derived out of the boutique pool of guitar builders, this millennium style guitar incorporates basic proven concepts of luthiery with a few unique and quite genius innovations.  So as usual I head to my studio (the vault), where my testing comrades of amps and effects silently await my arrival. Of course and without doubt, a six pack of tall boys a frosty mug and some peppered beef jerky prepare me for my two hour voyage into tone-ville.  Here's the mojo!


Out of the box and open up the case.  I whole heartedly believe in first impressions, even with guitars. Upon opening the case the first things that slaps me in the face is the stunning quilted maple top.  This particular model is dark emerald green. Combine this with the classy look of gold hardware the first impression is that of class.  Double cut classic body style, matching headstock, zebra dual humbuckers, recessed gold Tele style volume, tone, and five way pickup knobs, Tune-O-Matic bridge with stop bar tailpiece in gold, LSR roller tuning machines (quite unique), rosewood neck, with dot abalone fret markers topped off with a Pearloid truss rod cover round out of the front of the Roman Quicksilver cosmetically.


This particular model is Korina with a book matched quilted maple top. Korina as you all well know, is a very desirable wood known for its resonant tone and unsurpassed beauty. A classy touch to this guitar is a Pearloid control cavity cover, a small thing yes, but no doubt contributes to its appearance.


Is it just me or is the first chord everyone seems to strike is an A?  After tuning up just a bit and striking an A, D and E9, I immediately notice how comfortable the neck feels. I'm more of a Les Paul type of guy and this neck feels real good to me. Not to thin, and no to fat, I guess that makes it just right. Medium jumbo frets which are dressed properly, Mother of Pearl dot markers, and a rosewood board, round out the features of the neck. This particular neck is a bolt on but a set neck is no extra charge. A way cool feature is that the neck has absolutely no heel, yielding great access to higher registers. Grover Jackson is personally manufacturing this neck exclusively for the Quicksilver models, no wonder it feels so comfortable! This particular model was sent to me with LSR (Linear String Rotation) tuners. A bit different than traditional style tuners in both look and function. This particular system allows for a 40:1 ratio and actually pulls the string as opposed to winding. It's incredibly accurate and locks the string firmly, so that intonation is more precise and the guitar stays in tune better.  A guitar that won't stay in tune is like drinking warm beer, it just ain't  happening!  Anyway, the guitar feels solid, balanced and rings out with confidence even unplugged, so lets...


As you all know, here is where it gets serious.  As cosmetically attractive any guitar can be, (and this one is a beauty), to me it's more about playability and tone.  Down to the vault I go, awaiting are my test amps which include a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, a Peavey 5150, a Marshall JCM 800 and my trusty ADA rack system, consisting of a MPI Pre amp and Micro tube 100 Tube Power Amp.  All the above are tested with a Marshall Silver Anniversary Marshall Cab with stock 75 watt Celestion speakers.  I test at moderate volumes as to ensure sonic accuracy.

Using my rack system for it's variety of gain stages, the very first thing I notice about the Quicksilver is that this guitar has impeccable sustain.  In the clean mode, the pickups are loud and punchy with balanced harmonics and a great sonic range.  The Quicksilver seems to clean up well by simply attenuating the volume pot, the guitar has a consistent response in both the bridge and neck pickup settings.  The neck pickup of course is a bit more bluesy and more bottom end and the bridge pickup is also capable of surprising clean tones even from a humbucker.

In the dirty channel, the Quicksilver kicks some serious butt.  The bridge pickup has a tight defined punchy low end, the mids are right on but not overdone 'cuz a pickup with too much midrange can sound harsh, sweet singing highs and oh, did I mention, sustain from hell! The neck pickup is sweet and creamy with, did I mention sustain from hell? I was then on a quest to determine where and how all of this sustain comes from. The pickups are of a non-disclosure origin, I can now see or should I say "hear" why! With further investigation I find that a unique mounting system is used in the Quicksilver. The front pickup is mounted directly into the neck and the bridge pickup is actually hard mounted into the center section of the Archtop. In theory and I agree, that the more parts that are in direct firm contact with the wood the more the guitar will resonate and hence enhance sustain.  A Tune-O-Matic Tone Pros bridge with stop bar compliment this theory well.  The Tone Pros Tune-O-Matic is a splendid choice for precise intonation.  No doubt that the Korina body adds to this bad boys rich and resonant tone.  This particular model has a five way rotary switch for pickup selection (similar to PRS Customs) and splitting of pickups. From Tele to Les Paul it's all there, this guitar sports versatility and a tone capable of providing adequate tones for just about any style of music you may play.


The Quicksilver offers tone, beauty, options, unique features, rock solid construction and quality parts that guitar players have not only come to appreciate, but expect. In the current boutique pool of guitar choices, one has to weigh every feature and benefit and of course the investment. With a starting price of $1395 and so many options available you can literally build a custom shop guitar at the price of a mass produced model. The Roman  Quicksilver needs to be seen and played to be fully appreciated, this guitar is a serious contender for the "Best Value" award of 2001.


  • 28 choices of body woods and various combinations

  • Ebony fretboards and 6 other choices

  • Choice of any pickup configuration available

  • Choice of any neck inlay work

  • Choice of 8 different tremolos

  • Choice of over 100 colors

  • Custom graphics available

  • Midi available and much, much more...



 Scientific Review By Austin Crawford


I want to start by saying I've seen alot of guitars made by your hand perform admirably. I would love to have one.

From long years experience I know that the heart of the build of a guitar is the neck joint. Using a vibration transducer, a device that measures the amplitude and frequency of vibration from point A to B, I proved scientifically your Quicksilver guitars (glue free neck bolt in w/ machine screws & fasteners) are better in that sense.
More vibration transference means more sustain, and more of the tone of the wood will translate back into the strings making an actual difference. Most guitars should just be fretboard, strings, bridge and pickup with how much vibration is lost in shoddy neck joints. 

A std. bolt on for an average Fender Stratocaster loses about 50% of it's amplitude, meaning 50% less sustain and 50% less tone. Cheaper Walmart guitars go upwards of 80% amplitude loss in the neck joint and a change in the frequency which is... unfathomable. A large part of this isn't actually the materials or how what kind of screw is used but that the neck is sitting on a flange of wood thinner than the neck itself, and doesn't fit snug.

After testing a Quicksilver I was astounded. The amplitude loss from the strap-lock at the bottom of the guitar to the tip of the headstock was only 20.5%! That is phenomenal considering a single steel rod loses 12%.

The fact that your necks aren't bolted ON but rather IN the body means that more surface area of the neck joins with the wood of the body. Along with it being a tight fit without the screws.

The reason I'm saying all of this is so you can show others scientific research and numbers, along with tools to prove it for themselves. A bit of sales candy for your website maybe?

Now onto the guitar I want. I don't have the budget for the perfect Quicksilver, but I can get pretty close.

Quicksilver Guitar, Archtop Model Bolt In.
Gaboon ebony fretboard.
Duo burst (translucent nitro), from sky blue center to white outside.
Locking Tuners
Straplocks (Schaller)
1500g on fretboard as well as neck. (if possible)
Copper tape shielding, Star grounding
MOP angel feather fret markers

On the subject of the guitar case, I need a good one. I'm a US Army soldier and need something that will keep the guitar well protected against extreme heat (over 150 degrees), extreme cold (Below 20 degrees) and zero to one hundred percent humidity all in the same day!. I don't know how much this case will cost but would love to hear what you know.

My budget is $4,000, or $6,000 on a payment plan. I want to know what kind of woods I can put on the neck/body that wouldn't break the $4,000 and which ones wouldn't break the $6,000.

The following are things that I understand come standard/free.

Speed Knobs (Transparent/same color as body or just clear) <If Possible>
If you can't do completely clear or same as the body just to knurled knobs.
Tone-Pros Tun-o-matic Bridge, string through body
(Please tell me how much it would be to input graph-tech saddles)
Premium Nickel Silver Frets
Graphite Nut
Figured quilted maple top standard grade
MOP Inlaid Logo
I look forward to hearing from you.
Austin Crawford

Quicksilver  Comes In Below Austin's Budget !!!

Hello Austin

I just quoted out your guitar that you want at $3,680.00 based on your list above including a 400.00 road case. Not including the inlays because I have not seen what they look like so I cannot quote !!!  

Average inlays  $400.00,  I am coming out below or on the low side of your budgetI will need 1000.00 to start the project.  You must think these guitars are very expensive.  The pricing is actually very down to earth.  We come in cheaper than the machine made PRS similar models.

Thanks For Buying An Ed Roman Guitar !!!!




Quicksilver Guitar

Built For Mike Clifford Of Las Vegas

Hello Ed,

First off I want to say that Quicksilver guitars are far superior than PRS guitars. I have played both one after the other and the playability, sustain, and tone were all better on the guitar you made. I also agree that Gibson is not the best brand like everyone thinks it is. There are far better guitars than that.

So I am looking to build a VH-2 copy. It doesn't need to have the exact sound of the VH-2, just the looks. If I sent you a body could you paint it? In fact I am also interested in making a VH-1 guitar. If I sent you all the parts to make the guitar could you assemble it and modify it to make it sound better? Since you always say if there is one thing about a guitar it has tight neck, could you bolt on the neck the same way you do with your Quicksilver guitars? How much are your Quicksilver guitars?

Jacob Sickels
Reply Forward

Ed Roman to jacobsickels, bcc: Scott
show details 9:32 PM 

Hello Jacob
Thanks for the nice letter !!!

We designed the Quicksilver Guitars using the PRS guitar as the benchmark to beat. There would have been no point to make them if we couldn't point to at least 10 things that made it better. See our comparison sheet and the pricelist is on the site. We figured we might as well use the best guitar we could find at the time!   PRS  (1995).

Gibson is a cookie cutter mass produced ultra corporate guitar that wishes they were made as well as a PRS. They will usually appeal to most under informed people just because of their long history. Gibson also has a huge advertising & promotion budget. It's a very simple equation when you think about it.
Gibson can afford to buy the loyalty of their customers and then when push comes to shove they just don't deliver the goods. I am speaking in general, I am sure there are some good Gibson's out there. Personally I want no part of them till their attitude changes and their prices fall in line. (Which will likely never happen until they get new management).

I wish Fender would just bite the bullet and buy them. Fender is an honorable company that treats their customers and dealers with respect and their attitude while not 110% perfect is probably the best in the industry for a large corporation. Fender & Chesbro (Ibanez) are the only ones I still enjoy dealing with !!

If you want a custom guitar you must call me or one of my people, I don't discuss prices or specs etc by email.. It takes too long and emails rarely pan out to a sale.

Thanks again for your interest and your very nice letter !!!


  Yes we can build any guitar with the Quicksilver, Pearlcaster machine screw neck mount process.

Thanks much for your interest & inquiry.
I am way behind on Email, It's always better to call.
We Buy Guitars We Love Trade In's We Ship Anywhere In The World

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