Quicksilver Guitar Platform

You Can Choose Almost Any Body Shape on the Quicksilver Platform!

Standard Original Quicksilver Shape


   The Quicksilver Platform
Our Highest Recommended Platform

Reminiscent of Paul Reed Smith's Body Shape With Only Minor Improvements. It wasn't easy to beat the original design but we think we did. See the major improvements at our Quicksilver Versus PRS Full Comparison article.

The Quicksilver Platform Is Basically The Marriage of A Number Of Ed Roman Innovations.

This page will serve to exhibit some of the different Quicksilver Guitars that we offer. You must understand that the body shape is not a prerequisite in the design of the Quicksilver. In other words, the guitar comes in an unlimited number of body designs.

  1. The Ed Roman designed all access neck joint
  2. The 25" Scale 24 fret neck
  3. The bolt in neck
  4. The headstock Angle
  5. The solid Pickup Mounting
  6. Choice of over 100 different wood combinations
  7. The Direct Couple System
  8. Push pull pot design
  9. Tune O matic bridge
  10. Choice of 12 different headstock shapes
  11. Choice of 100 different body shapes
  12. 1/8" slab of ebony on the headstock for strength



The Les Paul Neck 22 Frets