Quicksilver Avanti Guitar

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The Avanti is an older design that we incorporated into the Quicksilver Platform

Quicksilver Avanti Guitar

Quicksilver Avanti Guitar

Quicksilver Avanti Guitar, Back of Guitar

Avanti Guitar, Back of Guitar

Lindsey With Avanti !!!

This Guitar Is A Bolt In Neck
Also Available In Neck Thru & Set Neck

Bolt on and bolt in necks got their bad reputation during the 70ís when companies were making them with ill fitting or loose neck joints.  A loose neck joint causes instability and detracts horribly from tone quality. A loose neck joint will also cause tremendous loss of sustain. Some companies in the 70ís were mass producing guitars as fast as they could and were simply not paying attention to the neck joint! The necks were not fitted correctly and in many cases the strings were actually hanging off the edge of the neck.

The Simple Fact Of The Matter is "BOLT IN" NECKS SOUND BETTER.

1: There is no glue in the neck joint to muffle the high end coming off your fingerboard

2:  We never even let any paint or body filler in our bolt in neck joints.

3:  On all Quicksilver guitars we use our exclusive direct coupling system on our neck joints. This system is by far the best way to attach a neck to a body. It only costs us about $15.00 per guitar to offer it. We don't know of any other company today that makes this available even at an extra charge. All Quicksilvers since 2005 have been fitted with this system at no extra charge. We get Fenders & PRS guitars shipped in from all over the world to get this feature installed.

4: Quicksilver also direct couples or hard mounts the pickups which greatly adds to sustain and eliminates alot of unwanted feedback.

5:  We have opted to offer several different bridges but we have found that the Tune O Matic Bridge is what many people prefer. We have been able to determine that the best thing about a Les Paul guitar is the bridge.
In fact we feel that the main reason people like Les Pauls other than nostalgia and being old school is the sound made possible by using this type of bridge. Our main competitors use a wrap around bridge that does not come close to sounding as good as the original tune o matic.  Ed Roman has opted to use even a higher quality tune O matic with magnetic poles and or bolts to lock the bridge itself to the studs.

6:  All Quicksilver custom guitars come with the ability to place the knobs anywhere the customer requires usually for no charge.  Customers can opt for 7 or 8 different combinations of knobs & switches usually at no extra cost. Another reason why a custom guitar is always better than production cookie cutter guitar.

7: Best of all the prices for these guitars are lower than any custom Fender, ESP, Jackson or cookie cutter PRS guitar.


This Photo Taken Just Outside My Door At Our Las Vegas Shop
We Also Use This Spot To Shoot 50 Caliber
We Once Shot A Les Paul From A Mile Away.   What Fun That Was !!!
The Les Paul Exploded Because We Strapped Dynamite To The Back
I Guess Gibson's Are Good For Some Things After All
They Make Great Targets... Video Coming Soon !!!!!

Alan Lanier Blue Oyster Cult Founding Member With Original Avanti

Ed Roman Custom Avanti Models




Set Neck Avanti  Custom Ordered

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