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Quicksilver Guitars vs. PRS Custom

The Quicksilver is always less if you compare Apples to Apples
The only component we are the same price on is the wood 
Compare Quicksilver's average wood to PRS's average wood !!!

Quicksilver PRS

The winner of each item is in Yellow
If I have left anything out or you feel I have been unfair in my comparison
Please contact me directly I welcome your intelligent comments pro or con
(702) 597-0147




Are Tune A Matic Bridges available? YES NO PRS has not used a Tune A Matic since 1991. PRS offers only a wraparound.
How many tremolo systems are offered? 6 1 Quicksilver offers all trems including the original pre 1991 PRS  (see below)
Are pickups available solid mounted? YES NO Solid mounting increases stability, tone & sustain.
Are custom body variations available? YES NO Quicksilver also comes in custom body styles (See Omega) 
Are Guitar available with gold fret wire? YES NO See Gold Adamantium fretwire
stronger & smoother than nickel silver
Are guitars handmade? YES NO All Quicksilvers are handmade, PRS Guitars are entirely automated. (even the sanding operations)
Are guitars available with strings through body? YES NO PRS does not offer this, but Quicksilver offers it for free.
Are guitars available with mahogany or maple necks? YES YES Quicksilver uses a maple neck but a mahogany neck is available no charge
Are guitars available with korina macassar ebony, wenge? YES NO Quicksilver uses a maple neck but a Korina neck is available for $275.00 
Are guitars available with graphite necks.? YES No Quicksilver has offered several different graphite necks over the first 10 years
Are guitars available with neck through body? YES  NO Quicksilvers are available neck thru body
bolt in or glue in &  deepset neck tenon
Are parts interchangeable? YES YES PRS necks will fit on Quicksilver bodies & vice versa.
How many body thickness' are available? 3 1 Quicksilver offers a slimline body & a thicker body size. PRS only comes in one body thickness.
Is fingerboard available in ebony? YES NO Quicksilver offers 10 different types of wood for fingerboards,  PRS offers only rosewood & maple on one model
Is neck available bound? YES NO Quicksilver is available bound with ivoroid, wood, abalone. PRS does not bind their necks even on the $22,000.00 models
Is headstock available bound? YES NO  
High quality construction? YES YES Both are built to high quality standards. Quicksilver is 100% handmade
2 proprietary humbucking pickups? YES YES Custom designed for "The Quicksilver" by Seymour Duncan
Are PRS pickups available in the Quicksilver? YES , You may have them in a Quicksilver  price is 100.00 a pair
Are Quicksilver pickups available in the PRS? . NO  
Are pickups available in black? YES YES  PRS pickups are usually only available with black bobbins
Are pickups available with gold poles? YES YES  
Are pickups available with gold or chrome covers? YES YES All models on the Quicksilver very few on the PRS
Are pickup rings available in gold or chrome? YES NO PRS uses only plastic 
Available in 24 or 22 fret models? NO YES PRS offers both  (PRS Wins This One)
Quicksilver will build a 22 fret for additional money.
Can customer supply his own wood? YES NO PRS stopped allowing this about 1993
Case is included? NO YES Case is extra on Quicksilver PRS wins this one (Quicksilver offers 4 choices)
Standard inlays at no cost? YES YES Side dots on both models
Inlay materials? YES YES PRS & Quicksilver both offer man made Abalaminate
Inlay materials, silver, gold, copper, stainless, brass? YES NO Quicksilver inlays with many different metals
Inlay materials  abalone, MOP ? YES NO Quicksilver uses the genuine article
Inlay materials  maple, koa, walnut? YES NO Quicksilver inlays with just about any kind of wood
Inlay materials turquoise, lapis, 65 colors of variegated stone? YES NO Quicksilver inlays can be multicolored for small upcharge
PRS bird inlays? NO YES PRS Charges extra cost
Owls, bats, peacocks, eagles, condors, pterodactyls, ducks, chicken, geese & other barnyard animals galore. YES NO At extra cost
Chickens, flying elephants flying donkeys even flying squirrels.
sharks, dolphins, crabs
YES NO Anything that flies except the trademarked PRS Birds
Lightning bolt inlays 10 variations) YES NO At extra cost
Stars, planets, comets, nebulae, Saturn's rings YES NO At extra cost
Moonscape, seascape, mountain ranges  Etc Etc YES NO At extra cost
Taj Mahal, pagodas, pyramids,  sphinx YES NO At extra cost
Vines (Over 10 Variation) YES NO At extra cost

Quicksilver & Tremolos

Just Because Ed Roman offers 5 different brands of tremolos
it does not mean that Ed approves of any of them.
 Quicksilver guitar was designed to sound the best and most versatile without a tremolo system.
However If You Need A Tremolo We Can & Will Install One

Quicksilver and Inlays

Quicksilver offers any inlay on any model, even the least expensive  model is available with any inlay at all.


Quicksilver Set Neck No Extra Charge
Our one and only competitor charges more than $400.00 extra for a set neck
But the worst part is unless you buy the set neck you can't order other options like bird inlays
So in reality the bird inlays cost almost 800.00 extra !!!!

Quicksilver & PRS Necks

If you own a PRS and you break the neck, you will find that PRS does not sell replacement necks or decals. Quicksilver does supply these items after the sale if needed. Best of all if you do need a PRS neck, a Quicksilver neck will retrofit exactly in a PRS.