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Quicksilver Guitar Cases

Silver tolex original Quicksilver hard shelled case with plush silver lining. 
Price on this case is $189.00
This is an extra heavy duty case stronger & more sturdy than A TKL or A G&G Case
Matching silver shroud for the Interior of this case $24.00

Black tolex hard shelled TKL French fit case with black lining. 
Price on this case is $129.00 for Quicksilver  
This case compares to 90% of all the cases on the Market: PRS, USA Fender, Jackson etc etc.

Very nice, heavy duty road case for your Quicksilver guitar. 
Black velvet Interior with double interior bracing.
Extra heavy duty airline transport approved, insurance company approved.
Price on this case is $489.00

Quicksilver Gig Bag

By Levy's

Gig Bags
Purple 10 mm Padding  2 pockets $29.00
Blue  20 mm Padding  3 pockets $37.00
Silver 30 mm Padding 4 pockets $44.00