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 Guaranteed Lowest Prices
Specializing in Pre 1995 Hand Made Models
Double Warranty 0n All 2010 Models
Free Shipping on All 2010 Models
Parts Available including Bodies, Necks, Bridges etc etc

Other High Quality  Similar Guitars For Less Money

Buying a PRS today is no easy thing to do. There are way too many models, and not all options are available on all of them. Ed can give you a either a quickie thumbnail overview, of all the models, or Ed can give you an extremely detailed synopsis on every model ever offered by PRS.

Ed Roman, has been selling PRS guitars since 1978,  Long before anyone knew who Paul Reed Smith was. Ed was unique, in that, he recommended Paul Reed Smith Guitars as the best guitar made years before Paul achieved his reputation. True, Ed no longer feels that the PRS product is as good a value as it used to be. Also true, that Ed no longer feels that the PRS product is the best he has to offer.  But PRS guitars are still a well made guitar.

In fact Ed Roman says " PRS Guitars are the best guitars you can buy at Guitar Center or Sam Ash & probably at your local music store!!!"
Basically that's as high as most stores go...... 

 (But today you can buy 10 to 15 better brands for less or the same as a PRS)

If you want to buy a PRS, and you are interested in the pros & cons between models & years.  Ed can be of immense help to you. Ed is an expert on Paul's original models, Ed can tell you which years models were made, with certain components & woods. Ed can be of value to you because he knows all the original real PRS models intimately. Ed can advise you on the differences between a McCarty and a Custom 22, he can tell you which ones are keepers and which ones to stay away from.  Ed has been called a walking encyclopedia on PRS guitars.  

As I stated Ed will be able to give you all the important things to watch out for and all the desirable factors on the early models. Ed can tell you the year he switched from Brazilian Rosewood to Indian Rosewood, he can tell you the real reasons behind the Heel from Hell, he can advise you on what pickups to choose, and he can tell you all the different bridge configurations over the years and advise you on the ones that work the best etc etc.


RARE MODELS..... Ed has in stock many first year PRS guitars, he also has pre productions and prototypes.

PRICE...  Competitive Pricing to be sure !!!!!!!!!   most stores do 30% off Ed will do 40% off.  !!!!!  See Price Guarantee

SELECTION.... Ed's selection is not as big as it used to be (30 pieces) but the selection of good ones has really dwindled.

WARRANTY     Ed will double PRS's Standard Factory Warranty on any 2010 PRS.

SERVICE......Ed is also unique in the fact that his shop can offer custom retops, Inlays & colors that are available no where else in the world.  Ed guarantees there is not a PRS in the world that he can't fix if something goes wrong with it.

PARTS...... Ed is the only guitar merchant in the world that carries PRS original parts. Ed has original necks, bodies, tremolos, tuners, and over 250 PRS pickups in stock. Ed even has those hard to get original sweet switches, 5 way biscuit rotary knobs, Mil Com Tremolos, and more. Ed's shop is the only shop in the world to our knowledge that has upgrade aftermarket replacement necks and upgraded custom made bodies.

SETUP......Every guitar Ed sells gets a complete and thorough setup and check out before it is shipped. This issigned off on by Bob Becker or Ed himself.

Ed Roman Guitars was founded in 1995 with only one original objective.

After owning Eastcoast Music Mall and being in business for 23 years,  selling guitars, keyboards, PA, lighting, drums and other assorted hogwash. Ed decided to start a company that specialized entirely in Pre 1995 Paul Reed Smith Guitars. Of course the company has since blossomed to specialize in carrying all high end boutique guitars and also to build over 10 different brands. But the original concept was to carry pre 1995 hand made PRS guitars. 


Custom Refinishing & Routing Available In Ed Roman's Custom Shop
Don't Get Me Wrong !     I am not recommending you put a Floyd Rose on your PRS
But If you want it done, Ed Roman can & will gladly do it !!!!


Retopped & refinished in tiger eye, In Ed Romans Shop 2002
 Impossible to tell it is a refinish, guitar is spotless.  

PRS Groupshot

The letter below is one Ed Roman's personal favorites
Getting a letter like this one makes all the BS worthwhile


Wait till you hear this one.  I recently bought a used PRS from my local Guitar Center in Dallas. The salesman told me it was the best sounding and playing PRS he had ever had in the store. It had a Tone Pros Tunamatic bridge on it and the body was slightly slimmer than usual. The salesman at GC told me (I think his name was Harry) said that the guitar was no ordinary PRS, Supposedly it was made for someone in Creed  blah blah blah (I found out later that was an outright lie). Several other salespeople all agreed that this guitar had the PRS magic and it was the reason why PRS had such a good reputation.

I played the guitar and it truly did feel great, The neck was rock solid and was incredibly highly figured. The body has a beautiful blue flame top and a natural back. I sat there and tried about 12 PRS guitars, The salesman was right, none of them came close. The guitar had almost twice the sustain of any of the other ones and the neck was smoother and faster.

Anyway I could not resist buying the guitar, In fact I had to borrow most of the money from my bass player. They sold it to me for only $800.00. The reason it was so cheap is there was no serial number on the guitar and the PRS logo was not on the headstock. There were no bird inlays but that was cool !  I was a little worried about buying a guitar with no serial number and no logo but they gave me a fully paid receipt so I figured it had to be OK.

The suited guy at the counter remarked that this guitar held tune better than any other guitar he had ever played. He told me that I made a very wise purchase and reassured me that I had made a good move.     (He didn't know how right he was).

I took the guitar home and I used it that weekend on a gig, It performed superbly and I was one happy guy to say the least.

About a week after I got the guitar I discovered there was a push pull pot on it and that it slit the coils on the pickups. What a great surprise. further fiddling around with it I noticed that the pickups were bolted down solid instead of floating on springs like all the other PRS guitars. I unscrewed the pickup and removed it and lo and behold there was the inscription.

"Ed Roman Was Here."  Everything I had read on your website came tumbling back at me like a ton of bricks.

This guitar appeared to have had a custom body not a PRS body, It had the step route pickups like on your site and the neck has that 1500G system that I read about on your site. The neck appears to be an original PRS but I see now the modifications you made to the heel and the tongue where the pickup bolts directly to it like a Quicksilver. That accounts for the extra sustain! I am assuming there is a Buzz Feiten System on this guitar because of the tuning stability.

I could probably sue Guitar Center for falsely representing this guitar. But I am thanking them from the bottom of my heart because I have one of the most awe inspiring guitars I have ever owned or for that matter even played.

Whoever this guitar was originally built for might have misrepresented it to Guitar Center but I am the luckiest guy in the world.

I was going to buy a PRS decal off that store in Cleveland that sells them but now I would rather it said nothing.

Long Live Ed Roman

Pete Posintini

Plano TX

Note From Ed Roman

Hello Pete

Glad to see you like that guitar, I originally rebuilt that PRS for a NYC police detective by the name of Manny Poole, As I remember he lived somewhere in Jersey. The last time I talked with him had been injured in the line of duty and was partially paralyzed.  So he must have sold it, I'm surprised it ended up in Texas. I did a number of cool PRS rebuilds for Manny.

Several other things that you missed.

The guitar has a Korina Body and Seymour Duncan Pickups, There were also 2 small stainless steel barrels inserted in the tongue of the neck to add mass and stability.

The original PRS fingerboard had been removed and a new ebony one was been installed.  look carefully at the frets you will notice you can't see the fret tangs on the side. look at a regular PRS and you will see the tangs are completely visible.

I usually sign the PRS mod's in the pickup cavity and I usually Jokingly print " Ed Roman was here"   Ala Kilroy was here... Just a little private joke between myself and someone who will remain anonymous right now.

If you want a letter or perhaps a copy of the original invoice for the work please let me know.

Ed Roman