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Trade in Your Stock PRS Neck
Buy a Superior Quicksilver Neck
Over 1000 People Have Switched Already !!!!

There has never been an after market replacement neck available that would fit a PRS.
Now you can get one !!
PRS owners can now buy a better replacement neck!!

PRS                          Quicksilver                              PRS

It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to see that the Quicksilver with it's trademarked pickup in neck design has got to be better than the PRS!!!!

Of course if you are one of those people who thinks that you will be hurting the value of the guitar by doing this, I recommend you just keep your original neck and install it back when the time comes to sell. There are many good solid reasons for switching necks. (see below)

Reasons below

1. The Quicksilver neck is built to exactly interchange with a PRS guitar except the Quicksilver neck offers many more features. The main feature as far as I'm concerned is the fact that the neck pickup actually bolts solidly to the neck. (This can be done to a stock PRS but it requires modifying the tongue of the neck). The attaching of the pickup to the neck increases the mass of the neck and tremendously increases the sustain & tone while decreasing the likelihood of dead spots.   PRS addresses this problem by extending the heel into eternity thereby creating the dreaded  Heel From Hell...

2. PRS has never offered replacement necks and even if they did the Quicksilver is far superior.

3. The Quicksilver is also available in solid rosewood just like the extremely expensive PRS guitars but for less than half thecost.

4. The Quicksilver is available with ebony fret boards. PRS does not come that way.  In fact the Quicksilver is available with many different fingerboards, unlike the PRS.

5. The Quicksilver necks are available personalized with your name in the headstock.

6. The Quicksilver necks don't employ that ugly cumbersome Heel From Hell that PRS has been using since 1995.

7. The Quicksilver necks are available with real wood or ivoroid binding on the neck and/or headstock.

8. The fret tangs on a Quicksilver neck are nipped 1/16th of an inch so they don't show the ugly fret ends like PRS necks do.

9. You can order any size or thickness you like. If the neck on your guitar is the wrong size this can be a lifesaver.

10. With a trade in this costs less to do than a normal fret job. So you can actually save money if you do this around fret job time.

11. The Quicksilver necks are available with colored & multicolored light emitting diodes (LED's side dots or front dots or both.

12. The Quicksilver neck is available with a paddle headstock. The customer may shape his own design.  If you purchase the neck from my shop we can cut the headstock to any shape that you desire.

13. The Quicksilver neck is available with any fret size you request.

14. The Quicksilver neck is guaranteed not to have any dead spots.

15. The Quicksilver neck will also accommodate Sperzel Locking Tuners & LSR 40 to 1 tuners,  The PRS tuners are locking tuners also but they are much harder to use than a Sperzel.

16. The PRS neck does not have a volute. Not that it absolutely needs one but that's another way PRS missed adding mass to the neck to eliminate dead spots.

When my shop installs a Quicksilver neck on your PRS

You can be sure it will be mounted with the same care & precision That we do to the Quicksilver Guitars.

A group of stock PRS necks and a couple of Quicksilver necks on the left.

Above shows the two raised areas on the tongue of the neck where the pickups are actually mounted

I have built and retopped a number of PRS guitar bodies as special orders for customers.

On 98% of them I have switched the bridge to the TonePros Tune-O-Matic.

See Picture Below.

These are NOT PRS Guitars
These are custom made replacement bodies that my shop has fabricated
for people who require a better bridge or a better looking top, or a different kind of wood
These guitar bodies are made just like a Quicksilver they are aftermarket replacement PRS bodies.
The pickup is physically pressed into the wood of the neck
There is nothing between the pickup & the neck not even paint.

When my shop installs a Quicksilver neck on your PRS
You can be 100% sure it will be mounted with the same care & precision
that we do to all the Quicksilver Guitars.

The heel of the neck is press fit tightly in the neck cavity
So tightly you can actually pick up the guitar by the neck.
There is no paint or filler anywhere in the neck cavity
Solid wood to wood mount.

We can eliminate the ugly heel on your guitar or you can simply install a superior Quicksilver neck.

Quicksilver                PRS                   Quicksilver
Lacewood                  "?"                    Korina wood
Look at that horrible Heel from Hell on the PRS in the middle

Notice the lip on the Quicksilver neck on the right, the picture doesn't show the back lip very well but the body of the pickups is bolted down tightly so that it actually makes an indentation into the lip. Full contact with the neck has simply got to sound better. The pickup will add mass and increase resonance. The laws of physics are absolute.

The reason the tongue appears longer in the PRS neck is because that is the 22 fret neck and the Quicksilver in the picture is a 24 fret model.