PRS Guitars Dumpster Divers

PRS Guitars Dumpster Divers

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If You Can't Afford A PRS  Check This Out



This body was retrieved from PRS's dumpster
It had been cut up into 5 pieces.. (see the seams on the back)
We glued it back together & today this guitar is being played.

Be Careful Of Ebay 
This is what you can end up with !!!

Here's a totally unforgivable job done on a PRS
The guitar appeared to have the original finish on it
The customer wanted us to change the color.

When we sanded the body down we found that a huge chunk of the body was solid bondo.

It's a little hard to see but if you look closely you will see the buildup of 1 1/2 " of solid body filler on this guitar. 

I find it hard to believe that any company, much less PRS would ever allow this to happen.
But that's what it looked like.

When we contacted the customer he told us he had bought the guitar on Ebay.

EBay Strikes Again !!!