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Brian Jones Model with Distinctive Oversized Pickguard

As played by Brian Jones of the Stones. This guitar has the same classic body shape as the original Teardrop® guitar with two single coil pickups, three way selector (Just like Brian Jones played it). Johnny Thunders fans this is the same guitar that Johnny  played.

These Guitars play and sound better than the original Italian made Vox guitars. I know I have a 6 string 9 string and a 12 string.

Ed Roman



Johnny Alien...(Aliens and Strangers)

John Mellencamp
Adam Miller...(The Mallrats)
Buddy Miller...(Emmy Lou Harris Band)
Dave Navarro...(Jane's Addiction)
Mike Perlowin
Doug Powell
Will Ray...(Hellecaster's)
Todd Rundgren
Will Sergeant...(Echo and The Bunnymen)
Mathew Sweet...(The Thorns)

The ByrdBrains
The Decemberists
The Eggmen
The Fab 5
The Fuzztones
The Insomniacs
The Preachers
The Satelliters
The Shakin' Apostles

Mike Wanchic
Dave Wakeling